Future Forward. Results Driven.

IGT is at the forefront of transformation. We’re the trusted source of fully integrated lottery product roadmaps and advanced solutions to accelerate retail and digital convergence.

As an operator, we have an inside view on the trends that impact players and the industry. We partner with lotteries around the globe, applying our insights and a substantial investment in research to deliver entertaining and dynamic player experiences with seamless interaction across all devices, venues, and touchpoints.

The products and services here represent our commitment to supporting lotteries with the full spectrum of solutions as we help customers of all sizes transition to what’s next.

Sales Channels

IGT offers lotteries a rich product offering to support retail, online and mobile sales alongside loyalty programs that entertain and engage players.​


Since 1980, IGT has been in the business of creating entertaining games responsibly. Our games are built using advanced technologies and our proprietary game innovation.

Enabling Technology

Our flexible core systems power retail, digital and omnichannel sales securely and reliably.


We offer services and experienced staff to support customers with every aspect of the retail and iLottery value chain​.

Data & Insights

Our integrated suite of tools helps lotteries manage the everyday activities that drive sales and growth to deliver actionable insights on retail and iLottery performance.


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