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  • New Jersey Lottery Logo

    Achieving Success with a Corporate Sales Representative Program

    Strong corporate retail partnerships are important to a lottery’s success. By providing chain retailers with excellent customer service and sales solutions, lottery sales representatives can help foster these relationships and maximize lottery sales growth.

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  • New Jersey Lottery Holiday Sampler Case Study

    Offering Draw Games for Holiday Gifting

    Lottery tickets are a popular gift to give to adults during the holiday season, but the majority of givers buy scratch tickets. The New Jersey Lottery and Northstar New Jersey worked with IGT to identify the obstacles to giving Draw Game tickets as gifts and to introduce a practical solution.

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  • Georgia Lottery Case Study

    Amping Up Sales Execution to Fuel Growth

    The Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC) is always turning up the volume on sales growth. As the second-largest lottery in the U.S. in per capita sales, the GLC constantly focuses on sales execution to maintain its record-setting sales performance. In the last year, the lottery has been working with IGT at the local Atlanta level and with members of the corporate Retail Sales and Execution Team to deliver a series of programs in support of the lottery’s growth plans.

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  • Hoosier Lottery Case Study

    Battling “Bintimidation”

    While scratch-off sales were up 13% year-over-year, the gains were coming from the higher price point games. IGT and the Hoosier Lottery leveraged the Six Pillars of Success to attract new and lapsed players and reverse declines in lower priced games maintaining overall profitability.

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  • Bringin’ Home the Bacon

    Bringin’ Home the Bacon

    IGT Indiana leveraged the hottest trend – bacon – to attract new players, increase profits and become a part of a pop culture conversation.

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  • Poland  Case Study

    Rebranding & Rebuilding Poland’s Instant Ticket Business

    A refreshed product portfolio and retailer base leads to skyrocketing instant ticket sales in Poland

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  • Super Ticket

    Supersizing Texas’ Scratch-off Sales

    A big innovative, new product category supported by the Six Pillars of Success led to record-breaking Texas Lottery sales

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  • WSOP

    Re-engaging the Current Playerbase

    The New Jersey Lottery and IGT leverage the popularity of poker to increase affinity and re-engage the current playerbase

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