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Lottery Operator Experience

The World’s Largest Lottery Operator

IGT is the largest lottery operator in the world, based on total combined wagers. In Europe, IGT operates IGT Italy, one of the largest lotteries in the world. Two major U.S. markets, Indiana and New Jersey, partner with IGT to operate their state lotteries. Seven territories in the Caribbean also rely on IGT for lottery operations. IGT has built trusted partnerships with these lotteries to run all aspects of their day-to-day business.

Click on the map below to learn more about our experience in each region.

Click on the map above to learn more about our experience in each region.

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IGT Italy, through its subsidiaries Lotterie Nazionali and Lotto Italia, is the exclusive concessionaire for Lotto and Instant Lotteries. IGT is responsible for end-to-end management of the two concessions, which together represent of one of the largest lotteries in the world.


Market Share


Players (43% of Italian adult population)




2021 Total Sales


On-Site Visits per Year


Sales Force


App Ticket Scans

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Draw Game Portfolio

10eLotto (five-minute draw), Il Gioco del Lotto and MillionDay (is a 5/55 daily game to win a million)

Gratta evinci!

Instant Ticket Portfolio

An impressive instant ticket offering leveraging IGT best practices and featuring multiple price points from €1- €20.

eInstants Portfolio

iLottery eInstants Portfolio

Over 80 digital games available through the MyLotteries website and mobile app.

Retail Management & Trade Marketing

Retail Management

100+ sales professionals providing more than110,000 on-site visits a year and customer relationship management tools to maintain the network.

Fully digitalized solutions to engage the network

  • Scratch & Win tickets catalog in web portal and mobile app
  • communication and training
  • POS marketing material web catalog

Logistics and transportation ability to serve 55,000 stores weekly and deliver 2.2billion tickets a year

Store Excellence

Display format with long-lasting materials enhancing a strong visual impact and digital in-store communication.

Retail VAS Program & Incentives

B2B Website & APP Retailer Training

Store Format Digital Signage

Omnichannel Strategy

My Lotteries

Player-facing App

MyLotteries is a unique lottery mobile app that offers omnichannel communication and gaming. MyLotteries customers can play anywhere, anytime with a Lotto digital playslip that can be used in retail, or directly through the app, as well as watch live draws and check winnings.


The New Jersey Lottery Commission relies on Northstar New Jersey for all sales and marketing planning and execution including draw-based and instant games portfolio management, sales force management, retail execution, promotions, sponsorships, advertising, and brand management. Additionally, IGT manages all central system and retail technology, field service, and the distribution of instant games.




in U.S. per Capita Sales




2021 Total Sales


Sales Representatives

Product Innovation

Pick 3 / Pick 4

Pick 3 and Pick 4

Changed from pari-mutual to fixed prizes.

Cash Pop!

Cash Pop

First lottery to launch proprietary game. Draws occur every four minutes.

Fast Play

Fast Play

Expanded to higher price points to continue growth trajectory. Fast Play sales have doubled in the last two years.

Retail Management & Trade Marketing

Retailer Wizard Launch

A new self-service portal for retailers that provides them with information and reports.

Tiered Retailer Incentive Program

Provides retailers with incentives rewards based on their activities and sales volume and encourages them to reach the next tier.

Bin Topper Jackpot Signs

Placed on top of instant ticket dispensers to promotes Fast Play and other jackpot games.

GameTouch Draw

GameTouch™ Draw

Robust retailer onboarding program led to the highest per-device sales in the country.

Omnichannel Strategy

Mobile App with Playslips

Mobile Cashing

To be deployed in 2023.

Internet Sales

To be deployed in 2023.

Future Connected Play Features

Adding virtual player card and shared wallet.

Cash Pop!


IGT partners with the State Lottery Commission of Indiana to maximize net income to the State in a socially responsible manner. IGT Indiana develops and markets lottery products while engaging retailers and demonstrating the commitment to communities through marketing, product development and distribution, sales and retailer commissions, retail optimization and recruitment, and sustainability. IGT provides technology and product resources including research, product testing and development.


Population of Hoosiers 18+


FY 2022 Total Sales




Lottery Sales Representatives


myLOTTERY Members


FY 2022 App Ticket Scans


Optimized Portfolio Management

Jumbo Cash

Provide diversity and variety for current players while maximizing profitability.

Gold Rush Ticket

Strengthen the draw game portfolio with expanded Fast Play offerings and the launch of Cash Pop.

Powerball Promo

Increase engagement of light and lapsed players by introducing pop culture-themed games and engaging second chance promotions.

Brand Experiences


Optimize efforts to deliver relevant and engaging brand experience across the state, with retailers and sponsorships.

Broaden myLOTTERY experience to drive growth and engagement.

Marketplace Development

Marketplace Development

Evaluate and optimize existing self-service efforts and include continued focus on inventory management and placement optimization.

Broaden the scope of promotional activity as the key account approach becomes more omnichannel.

Adapt to changing retail landscape with innovative solutions.

Expand proven tactics of Retail Marketing Programs Evaluate and build on newly assigned large and small format sales rep call cycle.

Continue focus on increasing access points at retail.


IGT is a state concessionaire for lotteries and/or holds contractual responsibility for the B2C aspects of lottery operations in seven territories in the Caribbean. Operations include design and administration of game portfolio, including assumption of jackpot game risk, production and management of draw show operations, recruiting and managing day-to-day retailer operations, including accounts receivable management, developing marketing and advertising campaigns through relevant marketing channels, and performing sales visit functions aimed to develop retailer and clerk relationships.




Market Share






Sales Representatives

Product Innovation

Super Lotto

Regional Multi-Jurisdictional Jackpot Game

Developed regional multi-jurisdictional jackpot game with attractive winnability and prize features customized for the total market size. This pari-mutuel game is drawn two nights per week and serves a participating player base using five different currencies.

Game Concept

Locally-Attuned Social Space Game Concept

Concentrated monitor-style content solutions to locally-attuned game concepts, in the process growing the category by over 850% in the past 7+ years.

Add-on features

Add-on Features

Consistently delivering innovative add-on features to game portfolios achieving a powerful blend of above target sales performance with more effectively controlled player liabilities.

Money Train

Weekly Promotion of Numbers Games

Implemented operator promotional tools to offer higher player payouts during certain weeks of the year, realizing lottery operator efficiencies in marketing spend while maximizing long-term player winning experiences/value proposition.

Retail Management & Trade Marketing

Store promotion

Store Shop Promotion Activation Concept 1000+ Events Annually

Space Program

Money Time 360 Social Space Program


Retail Agent Forum & Training

Good Cause Programs

Good Cause (Beneficiaries) Integrated ATL/BTL Program