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Comprehensive Instant Ticket Services from a Lottery Leader​

A proven track record of custom-tailored instant solutions

IGT is the primary technology provider to 8 of the world's 10 largest lotteries, with over 40 long-term instant ticket services contracts across the globe.

What is the IGT Instant Advantage?

Instant Advantage Instant Advantage

The IGT Instant Advantage combines strategic portfolio planning and management, research and analytics, product development, marketing and promotional support, secure warehousing and distribution, with decades of experience and the expertise of a global leader in gaming​.

Colorful array of scratch tickets

Lottery Licensed Properties

Brands Your Players Know and Love!

IGT is strategically focused on the acquisition of licensed content that can be translated into entertaining, compelling lottery games and turnkey marketing programs.

Give Your Players a Second Chance!

Winner's Choice™ is a player-driven second chance program that allows lottery winners to select their unique prize and/or experience. Whether cash, merchandise or trips, there’s something for everyone!

Omnichannel Game Content

IGT offers a robust portfolio of game content available across multiple lottery categories to reinforce consistent branding and player experiences in the retail and digital channels.

Setting the Tone in Sustainable Printing Operations​

IGT boasts some of the newest and largest presses in the instant ticket printing industry. The complementary, high-performing presses in our Lakeland facility allow us to take on high-volume projects alongside shorter runs with ease, maintaining the quality and integrity of every ticket.

Printing tickets on state-of-the-art instant ticket presses give customers access to unprecedented flexibility, on-demand production planning, the highest quality graphics, bulletproof security, and outstanding customer service.