Usage Guidelines for IGT Trademarks

IGT’s trademarks are considered one of its most valuable assets. IGT has taken great care in the development and protection of its trademarks and reserves all rights of ownership and use of its trademarks. For a non-comprehensive list of IGT trademarks, please use the button below.

No one may use the IGT logo without IGT’s express written permission.

Use of IGT Trademarks

Any use of IGT trademarks must follow the following guidelines. All references must:

  • (i) be truthful;
  • (ii) be clear as to the relationship between you and IGT;
  • (iii) not mislead any third party; and
  • (iv) not disparage or otherwise damage IGT’s reputation in any way.

General Trademark Rules

  • 1. As a trademark identifies the source of a good or service, it may only be used as an adjective that modifies a common noun. Trademarks should never be pluralized, used in the possessive form or used as nouns or verbs.
  • 2. Since trademarks should never be used as nouns or verbs, a generic term must be used after each trademark reference. Examples of generic terms are: terminal, game, system, product, etc.
  • 3. Usage Examples:

    RIGHT: IGT AURORA terminals are the best in business.
    WRONG: The Aurora is the best in the business. (Used as noun)
    WRONG: The Aurora’s processing capability is unsurpassed. (Used as a possessive).
  • 4. Trademarks should not be abbreviated or changed in any way.
  • 5. In the US, the proper trademark symbol (® or ) should be used with the first reference. In all other countries, the TM symbol should be used with the first reference.
  • 6. Any use of an IGT trademark must be accompanied by a notice of attribution of IGT’s ownership at the end of the accompanying document. The IGT trademarks can be listed individually or as a whole, i.e., “________ and _______ are trademarks of IGT or its affiliates.”

"IGT" as a company name

"IGT" is both a trademark and company name. When "IGT" is used to identify the company, it is considered a trade name. A trade name may be used as a possessive when referring to the company, IGT. A trade name identifies the company and not a particular good or service so the rules for trademarks do not apply. However, the general trademark rules apply when IGT is used as a trademark.