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Global Responsibility

IGT is committed to operating its business with the goal of creating value for all our stakeholders. Our sustainability strategy focuses on social, environmental, and economic responsibility. 

  • Community

    Community Giving

    IGT strives to enrich and strengthen the communities in which we operate through a variety of programs, sponsorships, and donations. The focus of IGT’s charitable efforts can be divided into three broad areas: creating educational opportunities; fostering community initiatives; and empowering employee involvement.

    IGT chooses projects and events that have an impact on critical areas of daily life, and initiatives that support the basic needs of the population such as healthcare, education, and providing assistance to low-income families.


    IGT is committed to having a significant and positive impact on the communities where we operate. In conjunction with our corporate social responsibility strategy, IGT provides funding to select organizations that have a direct tie to our industry, our employees, and our local communities.

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  • Responsible Gaming

    Responsible Gaming

    Responsible Gaming is a central element in IGT’s sustainability strategy. As an end-to-end gaming company we create and manage Responsible Gaming programs that have a direct impact on the player. In July 2015, IGT was recognized by the World Lottery Association (WLA) as an industry leader in corporate social responsibility and Responsible Gaming, and received the organization’s inaugural vendor/supplier certification for our lottery operations.

    Our Responsible Gaming product features and consumer protection programs consider all elements of a gaming operation. We offer technologies that facilitate informed choices for the player, and improve consumer protection through age control, customer relationship management, and analytics features. 

    IGT actively supports agencies and programs committed to research, prevention, and treatment of problem gaming. We collaborate with the World Lottery Association, the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, European Lotteries, the National Council on Problem Gambling and the National Center for Responsible Gaming, and the European Association Studies of Gambling.   

    Additionally, IGT and its subsidiaries support and participate in the activities of many regional and global organizations with a Responsible Gaming-related mandate.

    To learn more about IGT’s commitment to Responsible Gaming and Consumer Protection, please click here.

  • Sustainability Report 2015

    Sustainability Report 2015

    As the world’s leading gaming Company we are focused on supporting our industry, our communities, and our world. Our best-in-class solutions respect both people and the environment, while delivering innovation and excellence to keep gaming fun for all.

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  • Environmental Responsibility

    Environmental Responsibility

    As a global Company, IGT is committed to complying with accepted environmental practices, including the commitment to meet or exceed applicable legal and certification requirements. The Company strives for continual improvement in its environmental management system and minimizes the creation of waste and pollution. IGT has achieved excellence in this area and has been certified by ISO14001 at several of its main facilities.

    We believe that environmental awareness must be a central part of our corporate social responsibility program, and clearly expresses program goals and commitments to Company stakeholders. We use effective and reliable monitoring systems to assess and observe our locations around the world, as determined by specific indicators used to reach these goals.

    Carbon Disclosure Project

    Legacy GTECH has been participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2010. The CDP asks the 40 companies with the highest capitalization on the domestic stock market (S&P/FTSE MIB) for yearly information regarding emissions of greenhouse gases and the measures adopted to mitigate climatic changes.

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