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Operating with Integrity

Wherever we operate, we are committed to conducting business the right way by maintaining the highest ethical standards.


With operations in more than 100 jurisdictions, we adapt policies to meet local regulations and apply industry standards to maintain a secure working environment.

Code of Conduct

We have developed a comprehensive Code of Conduct to ensure accountability for a variety of topics, including:

  • How we treat our people and stakeholders
  • Our responsibility to protect assets and information
  • Our commitment to conducting ethical business
  • Maintaining accurate and transparent financial records
  • Demonstrating positive corporate leadership
  • How to address any business concerns

Protecting People, Products and Processes

We pay close attention to personal data protection and computer security aimed at protecting players, points of sale, company offices and data centers.

Enterprise Risk Management

With an established enterprise risk management process led by our Audit Committee, we have increased our understanding of potential risks that could negatively affect our company and have taken action to prevent them.

Data Protection

As part of our IGT Privacy Program, all personal data of customers, employees, vendors, and other business partners are managed in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.


Our Global Information Security department safeguards data, ensuring confidentiality for all stakeholders.

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering

We have implemented policies and procedures for anti-corruption and anti-money laundering (AML) practices. The Company also combats the financing of terrorism by adhering to national and international laws and regulations.

Protection Against Match Fixing

Through a collaborative effort with industry associations, we remain committed to maintaining integrity in sports betting.

Product Safety and Quality

Our products, including gaming cabinets and lottery tickets, are manufactured according to the highest safety standards.

Responsible Gaming

We have a longstanding commitment to responsible gaming (RG) that is engrained within our core business and the products we offer to customers and players worldwide.


We received certifications from globally recognized programs, including the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) and World Lottery Association (WLA), reinforcing our forward-thinking approach to integrating RG into all of our products, programs and policies.

IGT Responsible Gaming


We show leadership in responsible gaming by offering innovative responsible gaming features in all product verticals and work with customers to help them achieve their own responsible gaming goals.


We work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to expand responsible gaming awareness, including:

  • Problem gambling researchers
  • Responsible gaming advocacy groups
  • Policymakers
  • Customers
  • Audit Firms
  • Certification organizations


We engage with a variety of stakeholders to share our responsible gaming initiatives, discuss best practices, and communicate our commitment to responsible gaming through our Responsible Gaming Policy and Advertising and Marketing Code of Principles.


By establishing our “Positive Play” approach, we encourage positive, and healthy play behaviors across all business segments. We educate employees through training programs and customers through industry presentations, campaigns, and literature.

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