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IGT's Sustainability Champions

The IGT Sustainability Awards program is an employee recognition initiative that celebrates individuals who demonstrate leadership and embody IGT’s global sustainability pillars.

Luca Mazzarelli

Senior Manager of Safety and Quality
Tito Scalo, Italy

At IGT’s facility in Tito Scalo, Italy, Luca has pioneered sustainable operations initiatives which have reduced IGT’s environmental impact. He has worked on converting old lighting systems to LED lights and recycling printing cartridge waste. Luca also coordinated Tito Scalo’s adoption of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification to control and reduce IGT’s impact on biodiversity. This certification promises customers that the paper used to print lottery tickets is sourced sustainably.

Shannon Plum

Director of Marketing
Austin, Texas, United States

For many years, Shannon has engaged IGT’s Texas-based employees in numerous impactful community service events. During IGT’s Global Giving Week in 2019, she led community engagement initiatives across the entire state, totaling 681 volunteer hours. As an active Community Ambassador, Shannon has identified and coordinated dozens of volunteer opportunities for IGT employees in Texas.

Nahum Barrios

Senior Supervisor, Compliance

Luz López

Environmental, Health and Safety Representative

Nahum Barrios and Luz Lopez have collaborated to help IGT obtain the “Socially Responsible Company” distinction in Mexico, granted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy. Nahum and his team established value propositions for IGT’s sustainable development, encouraging a culture of sustainability among IGT colleagues in Mexico. Luz is also a leader of the Active Living Committee and manages community engagement initiatives aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to improve the lives of employees and their families in Mexico.

Amit Joshi

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Reno, Nevada, United States

Within his software product assurance department, Amit has demonstrated his commitment to sustainable operations by educating and encouraging his colleagues to recycle properly, resulting in the diversion of recyclable materials from landfills. Additionally, Amit was pivotal in enacting the department’s recycling program and he continues to maintain it. Through an organization of hardware, Amit was able to add unaccounted parts to inventory, instead of disposal, reducing IGT’s waste.

Clarance Baptiste

Communications Technician
Trinidad and Tobago

Clarance has led by example through diligent and authentic engagement with the After School Advantage program. He has aided in the physical creation of multiple program centers, working with the team to transport the computers, set them up with the appropriate software, and guarantee they work properly prior to each launch.

Jesse Saccoccio

Director, Global Presales, iLottery
West Greenwich, Rhode Island, United States

Jesse is Advancing Responsibility as a leader in responsible gaming. With a thorough understanding of industry trends and stakeholder needs, Jesse and his team anticipate and enhance customers’ needs surrounding responsible gaming features. He serves as a key representative of responsible gaming, delivering presentations about its relation to technology at various conferences. Jesse also speaks with customers, stakeholders, and treatment providers to create a better understanding of iLottery responsible gaming features and alleviate regulatory concerns.

Charley Randall-Coles

Facilities and Office Manager
London, U.K.

Charley has developed and fostered a relationship with the London organization, Centrepoint, to reduce her office’s waste and support the local community. Coordinated by Charley, the IGT offices in London donated items such as computer equipment, office accessories, and clothing to Centrepoint to benefit London citizens experiencing homelessness. She also organized a pair of volunteer events with the organization to engage colleagues with community service.

Tom Cahill

Vice President, Cloud Strategy
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Tom initiated the transfer of all video development and test systems to the cloud, effectively reducing IGT’s carbon footprint and emissions. He also oversees the Cloud Center of Excellence, a team of over 300 IGT employees, focused on promoting sustainable operations by sharing best practices, processes, and lessons learned regarding cloud technology. Tom continues to explore IGT’s cloud capabilities with the goal of enhancing sustainable operations.

Jay Dizon

Customer Training Instructor
San Bernardino, California, United States

In response to the California Lottery’s need for unique training deliverables, Jay developed a QR code allowing more than 24,000 retailers and their lottery employees to access training reference guides right from their smartphones. This implementation replaces previous hard-copy handouts, reducing printing costs and paper waste. Jay is currently applying this cost-effective and environmentally friendly method to lottery point-of-sale terminals.

Fabio Cairoli

CEO, Global Lottery
Rome, Italy

The late Fabio Cairoli’s legacy of sustainability is reflected in his establishment of the Sustainability Steering Committee, which is tasked with developing innovative ways to further the company’s commitment to conduct environmentally and socially conscious business. His focus on colleague wellbeing and DEI contributed to IGT earning the certification of Top Employer Italy 2023. Fabio inspired a culture of sustainability and inclusion among colleagues and the global community IGT serves.

David DeAngelis

David DeAngelis

Senior Director, Technology Training and Support Services


David oversees IGT’s lottery and gaming customer training and support teams. Over the past several years, David and his team converted in-person trainings into e-learning platforms and piloted virtual retailer trainings with the United States lottery operations teams in Indiana and New Jersey. He continues to advance IGT’s remote training capabilities that are effectively decreasing the Company’s environmental impact.

Ani Patenaude

Ani Patenaude

Contracts Administrator

Ani serves as the membership committee lead for the Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) with IGT: Las Vegas diversity, equity and inclusion group. She also serves as the events chair for the Las Vegas Leadership Council and is a dedicated volunteer at the Paladin Rescue Alliance, an organization dedicated to combating human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Mariangela Acito and Emanuela Emili

Mariangela Acito & Emanuela Emili

Italy Data Privacy Team

Mariangela Acito and Emanuela Emili are members of the Italy Data Privacy team and created the #MoveSmartMoveGreen program. With the Rome office conveniently located near public transportation, IGT now provides a stipend for employees that decide to travel by bus or train. For employees that take a bicycle to work, they implemented parking spaces, as well as bicycle racks and employee changing rooms with showers.

Ailsa McKnight

Ailsa McKnight

Senior Director, iLottery Marketing

In lieu of giveaway items at trade shows, Ailsa spearheaded an effort to donate trees, helping to support communities all over the world. Ailsa and her team connected with Treedom, an organization that has planted more than three million trees in Africa, Italy and South America. All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities. Ailsa and her team purchased 1,900 trees for the “IGT Forest” and gifted them to guests at international expos and gaming events.

Dora Zarlenga

Dora Zarlenga

Program Management and Process Monitoring Senior Specialist

Dora serves as chair of IGT’s diversity, equity and inclusion group, SuperAbilities at IGT: Italy. She has organized dozens of SuperAbilities events, creating a platform for employees to share their experiences and increase understanding of the various challenges and disabilities that IGT employees encounter. Dora is also a community advocate and has volunteered countless hours at charitable organizations, including Dementia Friendly Italia, the Red Cross and Save the Children.

Michael Carpenter

Michael Carpenter

Senior Director, Call Center

In his role as leader of the National Response Center (NRC), Michael oversees all frontline support for IGT’s lottery and gaming customers in the United States. Three years ago, Michael and his team implemented a Genesys cloud infrastructure, effectively implementing a more sustainable alternative. With this new technology, IGT has seen an increase in agent productivity and a decrease in service handling time. In addition, Michael and his team have reduced the need for physical call center locations and minimized IGT’s environmental footprint.

Katja Werno

Katja Werno

Project Coordinator IV

In addition to her full-time role as a project coordinator, Katja has served as Barcelona’s culture ambassador and uses her energy and passion to guide meditations, host virtual coffee breaks and discuss health and wellness topics including mindfulness, sleep and stress. At IGT’s Barcelona office, she created a community garden, increased the number of indoor plants and established a recreational table for employees during their lunch break. Katja also serves as a diversity, equity and inclusion ambassador, playing an instrumental role in supporting a positive and inclusive workplace.

Mark Poltarowicz

Mark Poltarowicz

Senior Product Manager, Video Lottery Terminals

Over the past 20 years, Mark has guided IGT through the evolution of responsible gaming, helping the Company maintain its industry leadership in global sustainability. As the senior product manager, he works with the video lottery systems and makes sure that IGT’s system products comply with the science-based responsible gaming best practices. Mark has presented at conferences and trade shows across the globe, collaborated with industry leaders and stakeholders, and led presentations on the advancements in responsible gaming.

Alice Santiago

Alice Santiago

Administrative Assistant II

Six years ago, upon joining the IGT sales team, Alice learned about the Company’s employee giving programs and jumped at the chance to give back. She became an IGT community ambassador, helping to identify volunteer opportunities, coordinate events and encourage her fellow employees to get involved. Over the years, Alice has taken the lead on a variety of community service projects. From organizing a dinner for veterans, to coordinating a virtual Halloween party for families at the Muscular Dystrophy Association to recruiting 20 IGT employees to volunteer at the Funny Farm Rescue and Sanctuary, she is always thinking of creative ways to give back.

Marco Masciovecchio and Raffaella Storico

Employee Health and Safety Team

Marco and Raffaella spearheaded a campaign to purchase and install life-saving medical devices at IGT’s operating headquarters in Rome. With the Company’s approval, Marco and Raffaella secured AEDs for the office in Rome and the warehouse in Pomezia, and coordinated in-person training for employees. More than 60 IGT employees have received the training, with more employees scheduled to participate. Security and additional staff have been trained to ensure that, at any given time of the day, there is always an employee on-site that knows how to use an AED.

Natalie Rudder

Natalie Rudder (posthumously)

Field Services Supervisor

Natalie was an avid supporter of IGT’s sustainability initiatives. She led the charge in securing certification of the ISO 14001-Environmental Management System. Her impact included upgrading lightbulbs at the warehouse to reduce electricity consumption, implementing an electronic waste management process, creating a recycling program for old lottery betslips and building an environmentally conscious work environment. Natalie placed a special emphasis on employee health and safety. Whether it was buying new desks, installing fans in the warehouse or updating equipment, she was committed to providing a safe and comfortable work environment.

After School Advantage

The After School Advantage Coding and Robotics Rock! Camp Team

The Caribbean

With IGT’s After School Advantage (ASA) technology labs closed during the pandemic, IGT employees throughout the Caribbean looked for alternative ways to provide virtual learning opportunities for students. In 2021, IGT launched a virtual Coding and Robotics Rock! Camp. Students across eight English-speaking Caribbean islands, including Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Maarten, and Trinidad and Tobago. The two-week camp focuses on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts and the curriculum was developed by the University of West Indies and Mona GeoInformatics Institute. Students were able to participate at home or in a socially distanced format at their local ASA lab. In 2022, for the second year of the camp, two different curriculums were offered to students, including an introductory course and a more advanced course for students that participated in 2021. Dozens of students participated in the camp, focusing on technology that can help to reduce environmental impact while fueling sustainable growth in the Caribbean.