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IGT Poland is a part of international corporation IGT (formerly GTECH), which is a leader in design and delivery of innovative lottery and casino IT systems.

In Poland, IGT has a 400 employee office, which is the main R&D center for the company and most likely also for the entire lottery industry.

IGT within all its branches, has 13,000 employees.

IGT Poland (formerly GTECH) has been a lottery system provider for Polish National Lottery – Totalizator Sportowy – since 1991.

  • About

    About Us

    Who we are?

    GTECH Poland sp. Z oo is part of a multinational corporation IGT (formerly GTECH Corporation), a leader in designing and delivering innovative lottery systems and solutions for casinos. The creator of GTECH was a Pole - Victor Markowicz.

    What we do?

    IFor nearly thirty years, the company designs and delivers innovative lottery systems and technology solutions in this area, occupying a leading position in its industry. When making a careful analysis of the specific needs of each client, we offer the highest quality products and services through comprehensive support from supply terminals, their installation and maintenance, after sales training, marketing support, service, service "hot line" to the installation, management and maintenance of telecommunications network .

    Our Offer

    Offered by IGT (d.GTECH): technology, infrastructure and expertise, enable transaction processing on a massive scale for more than 80 lotteries in various countries on six continents. These include: Chile, Dominican Republic, the USA, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, China, Canada, Belgium, Finland, and the first legalized lottery in Taiwan.

    We are also the world leader in the installation of video lottery, offering a unique central management system VLT terminals, allowing you to monitor events that took place across the network (which can be of immense importance to avoid making the game).

    Polish Branch IGT - GTECH Poland - since 1991 lottery system operator Totalizator Sportowy.

  • Technology Centre

    Warsaw Technology Center

    Warsaw Technology Center employs more than 350 people and is the main center for R & D company and one of the largest in the lottery industry in the world.

    It is estimated that more than half of all the solutions we provide to our customers, are created in Poland. The annual export of services from Polish has a value of tens of millions of polish zlotieseuros.

    The main solutions by engineers GTECH Poland:

    • Terminal application used by lotteries, among others in Poland, Turkey and Lithuania.
    • App for Android smartphones and tablets prepared for mobile terminals to the Chinese market and Europe.
    • Software that makes searching a single plant from the last example. two months - and such plants may be as high as 40 million - lasts no longer than 2 seconds.
  • Operations Centre

    European Operational Center

    In 2016, IGT European Operations Centre was established in Warsaw. It is the world's largest international operations center for the lottery business. This is the only place in Europe (and one of the few in the world), which remotely managed lottery systems and monitors lottery transactions carried out on a massive scale.

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, approx. 30 people leads a dedicated service and monitor the transactions carried out in lotteries in Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary.

    It is in Warsaw that we know the first, whether and where the Lotto main prize was hit for these countries.

    • The number of transactions monitored: approx. 60 thousand. for a minute.
    • The approximate value of sales at the agents that we monitor: approx. 200 million per month.
  • Careers


    We are recruiting on a continuous basis for many positions. We will have fresh job descriptions in English.

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    Graduates or students in their last year of the University, ready to start their careers are encouraged to submit applications for paid annual internship program. Each trainee will have a dedicated tutor who will introduce the intern into the duties, train and supervise during the program. Trainees are offered a competitive salary, interesting internship in a young, dynamic team and international environment as well as work at international projects. The intern will get the better knowledge of the world and corporate life. The best trainees will be offered the possibility to extend the cooperation after the completion of the internship.

    Recruitment for the internship program continues throughout the year.

    We are waiting for you!

    Please send your CV in English to:

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  • Internships


    Graduates or students in their last year of college who are ready to start their careers are encouraged to submit applications for IGT’s internship program. Each trainee will have a dedicated tutor who will introduce the intern to the position’s duties. The mentor will train and supervise the intern during the program. Trainees are offered a competitive salary and an interesting internship on a dynamic team environment, as well as working on international projects. The intern will gain better knowledge of the world and an understanding of corporate life. The best trainees will be offered the possibility to extend the position after the completion of the internship.

    Recruitment for the internship program continues throughout the year.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Please send your CV in English to:

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  • Recruitment

    The Recruitment Process

    We put much effort into the recruitment process. It always includes 4 stages:

    1. Application evaluation
    2. Meeting the direct supervisor
    3. Meeting the HR partner
    4. Meeting the department manager

    If you are interested in the internship at IGT Poland?

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IGT Poland Management Team

  • Wojciech Włodarczyk

    IGT Poland CEO

    Linked with the company since the beginning of its operations in Poland - in 1991. As an employee of a data center running for Totalizator Sportowy, then a member of the team implementing the system, which supports racing Służewiec.

    n 1992, he began his international career, working successively in the branches GTECH Czech Republic, Ireland, Finland and Portugal, among others, creating systems for such as the Czech Sazka lottery, Portuguese Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa, or one of the most technologically advanced - Finnish lottery, Veikkaus OY AB.

    In 2002 he became head of the group R & D center in Warsaw technological company, which is one of the most modern centers of this type which GTECH has around the world.

    In 2002 he became head of the group R & D center in Warsaw technological company, which is one of the most modern centers of this type which GTECH has around the world. Using the experience gained over 4 years developed a team and created under his guidance solutions are implemented in the largest lotteries at home and abroad. In 2004 he was awarded the prestigious Certified Project Management Professional, which is a testament to the experience and high level of expertise in project management, awarded by the Project Management Institute. In 2006, he began working with BillBird SA, which is a subsidiary of GTECH Corporation. Initially as Chief Operating Officer, and from 2008 he held the position of Chairman of the Board. This function is performed today. Under his leadership, the company increased its turnover by 70%, recording a twofold increase in the number of transactions processed, and expanded the portfolio of offered services technologically advanced solutions in the area of financial intermediation. After taking up the position of CEO of GTECH Poland Sp. z oo in 2010, chaired the team that negotiated the signing of a cooperation agreement with Totalizator Sportowy for the years 2011-2018. In his free time most travels, reads and rides a bicycle.

  • Katarzyna Przybysz

    Vice President, Human Resources Operations, Division International, Member of the Board GTECH Poland sp. Z oo Graduate of the Iberian Studies at Warsaw University. Scholarship Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal. He speaks four foreign languages.

    Practically from the beginning of his career (1993) associated with GTECH. His work in the HR department started from the position of Human Resources Specialist. The ranks this position Regional Human Resources Manager for Eastern Europe, since 2001. HR Director International, and since 2010 Vice President, GTECH HR Operations - responsible for the human resources of the company, in all its offices around the world (over 4000 people).

    In the course of professional development he has gained extensive experience and skills in the field of Human Resources Management and completed numerous courses ( Recruitment Techniques, Train the Trainer, Management Awareness Programme or Global Leadership Development Program ), which enabled it to innovate in the area of human resources management company. Even as HR Director in Poland dealt with the design and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of personnel policy.

    Currently, as Vice President HR Operations, advises the management at all organizational levels. In addition, as a member of the Board of the Polish branch of the company, actively involved in making important business decisions and organizational. To his greatest professional successes include the ability to work with people in different positions and from different cultural backgrounds, which allows the implementation of strategic tasks with a global reach (eg. Implementation of the annual appraisal, recruitment policy and effective solutions in the field of employment in the world). International combines career and personal life. It is a mother of a teenage daughter. Actively sports. In his spare time, most he meets and discovers the world through travel and culture (movies, especially musicals).

  • Jaroslaw Dabrowski

    Director. Technology responsible for the area of ​​Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Member of the Board GTECH Poland Sp. zoo

    Since 2008 he has been responsible for the delivery of technology and systems implementation GTECH lottery customers in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    Numerous international teams under his supervision, also watch over the safety and reliability of these systems. It works directly with clients in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Poland and Israel. been with the Company since 1991. As a computer operator participated in the launch of the first system at retail GTECH Lottery. In 1992, their knowledge and experience began to use in the international market by taking part in the implementation of on-line software for lottery in Slovakia (1992-1993), Estonia (1994) Lithuania (1995), Turkey (1996).

    At the same time directed an innovative and logistically complex project to introduce TV games in several European countries. Other projects to implement new systems online, which oversaw this m.in .: project for lottery Mifal Hapayis in Israel Totalizator Sportowy in Poland or lottery Swiss Loro in Switzerland. He has successful conversion on-line system for the most advanced in the world technologically lottery Veikkaus in Finland (2007-2008). He oversaw the implementation of the most advanced in the world system that supports lotteries Lottery. In free time he gives himself passion for photography aircraft (plane spotting).


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