IGT CrystalCurve™ Poker Gaming Machine

IGT CrystalCurve™ Poker Gaming Machine

Curve Appeal.

It’s not always about who’s first. It’s about who’s best. And we’re ahead of the curve. Featuring an industry-leading ultra-high definition 4K resolution screen, the CrystalCurve™ cabinet boasts a strong library of innovative games for all types of players. Proving that you don’t have to break the rules to be revolutionary.

Benefits & Features

The CrystalCurve™ Poker cabinet is our next-generation portrait video cabinet. This cabinet is new to the video poker portfolio, it supports a 43” 4K display, fourth generation AVP® electronics and a static 9-button panel preferred by video poker players.

Static nine-button player panel

  • Classic IGT video poker spacing and feel
  • Reliably designed with players in mind

Improved monitor resolution

  • Improved portrait display. Moves from a Full HD (1080x1920) panel used by the CrystalCore® gaming machine to an Ultra HD display (4K@ 2160x3840)

Intelligent cabinet lighting

  • Built with the same tools as the S3000®, CrystalDual® 27 and CrystalSlant™ gaming machines
  • Improved attract and celebrations
  • Sync lights to game experience, music, and sounds
  • Banked lighting with no additional hardware for basic functionality

Game library

  • Supports the full Ascent® video poker library as well as native AVP® video poker themes


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