MegaTower™ Universal

MegaTower™ Universal

Elevate the player experience.

Born from the huge success of its predecessor, the MegaTower™ cabinet, our all-new MegaTower™ Universal cabinet continues the legacy of larger-than-life entertainment. Our largest cabinet released to date, this cabinet is poised to become the clear leader in the large format segment.

Engage players from across the floor with a massive, crystal-clear 50-inch J Curve display paired with themed merchandising peripherals and premium titles such as The Price is Right® Slots. Attracting new players and keeping them engaged is a tall order. The all-new MegaTower™ Universal cabinet will help you rise to the occasion.

Benefits and Features

  • 50-inch portrait J Curve upper display
  • Three oversized mechanical reels
  • Includes a 28"x5" LCD touch screen
  • Dynamic Player Panel (DPP) with Dual Bash Buttons
    • Dual physical repeat bet buttons make tandem play more convenient
  • Intelligent Cabinet Lighting: Lights sync up to game experience, music and sounds
  • Game Library: Supports a dedicated premium Ascent™ foundation content pipeline
  • Built-in external USB charging port: Players can easily charge their phones or other USB powered devices at the machine, allowing for uninterrupted play sessions
  • Built with the same tools as S3000®, CrystalCurve™, and CrystalDual® 27 cabinets