Peak65™ Gaming Machine

Peak65™ Wheel Gaming Machine

Reach the top of your game.

Reach the peak of perfection with our biggest, most dynamic portrait cabinet to date. With a focus on engaging themes that come to life on the massive 65” Ultra High Definition LCD screen, the Peak65™ puts players in the action. Values on the wheel increase or decrease as players wager up or down, creating a strong visual incentive for higher bets.

Benefits & Features


  • Progressive Curve 65” Ultra High Definition LCD display
  • Multi-touch touchscreen on main display and DPP
  • Dynamic Video Wheel

Dynamic Player Panel (DPP) with Inductive Wireless Phone Charger

  • 13.3” High Definition LCD player panel
  • Standard inductive charging with ample room for devices

Intelligent Cabinet Lighting

  • Self-attract side lighting feature
  • Banked lighting with no additional hardware for basic functionality

Product Video


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