S3000® XL

S3000® XL

The games they love, on a bigger scale.

The S3000® XL gaming machine offers a larger than life gaming experience. This large format cabinet immerses players like never before with its enlarged display and extended touchscreen over wide mechanical reels. Its wide presence demands attention on any floor and offers players ultimate comfort with an extra foot and a half of personal space. The S3000® XL cabinet boasts a successful game library that allows you to magnify new and nostalgic spinning-reel titles that players seek.

  • Offers a familiar gaming experience now with a larger footprint, attracting attention on the floor
  • Increased personal space supports two players comfortably, increasing time on device
  • Cabinet is designed to work with the S3000® gaming machine content library. Now successful previously released games are available bigger and better than ever

Player Experience

  • Static Six Button Panel
  • Intelligent Cabinet Lighting
  • Established Game Library
  • Oversized format

Modern Cabinet Design

  • More ergonomic
  • Built-in external USB charging port



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