Managed Services

Managed Services

Prepare to shift business value into overdrive

Everyone likes more choices, and that’s exactly what our Managed Services offers you. In addition to our existing world-class product support, IGT is now offering new value added services aimed at optimizing system performance and ensuring strategic alignment of your system with your business needs.

Our palette of services includes:

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Proactive systems management ensures a stable systems environment allowing you to concentrate your time on optimizing business outcomes.  Let IGT SystemWatch™ help you get the most out of your IGT systems investment.

  • Decreases the risk of unplanned disruptions and downtime
  • Lowers the total cost of ownership by improving long term performance
  • Proactively address issues before they impact the player experience

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Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance is critical to the health and availability of any complex technology solution.  IGT develops maintenance routines specifically for your system solution based on historical system monitoring event and incident data, IGT system best practices and experience.  We minimize operational impact by conducting resource-heavy activities during agreed upon maintenance windows.

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Systems Health Check & Tune-Up

Is your system due for a check-up?

Our Systems Health Check analyzes your systems and identifies any areas impacting operational performance. This service includes evaluation of the relative health of your systems, a findings report of the system checked, and a recommended remediation plan with severity levels for issues discovered during the analysis.

  • Identifies areas of the system needing attention
  • Specifies any system configurations that need adjustment
  • Recommends maintenance and monitoring best practices
  • Provides findings report to assist with remediation

The results from the Systems Health Check findings report will be used to scope your personalized Tune-Up. Not only will the Tune-Up improve performance and increase stability, but you can use this opportunity to better align your system to your specific business and player needs.

  • Experienced IGT System engineers perform the Tune-Up for you
  • Reduce service interruptions by being more proactive with system care
  • Helps augment existing plans and resources related to system maintenance

Due For a Check-Up?

Technical Account Manager

Our mission is your success.

Technical Account Managers proactively work with operators as a trusted technical advisor, providing input to strategic and tactical planning efforts.

  • Proactively communicates information about IGT products and services
  • Manages high priority escalations and requests
  • Frames and conducts Quarterly Service Reviews
  • Shares knowledge and technology best practices
  • Provides insight into training opportunities

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