Professional Services

Professional Services

Your partners in management solutions and optimization

Your time and your staff are already completely booked with daily work, and you want more for your operation.  IGT’s Professional Services, staffed with seasoned industry experts, can help. We focus on your particular needs to bring you more ROI. Services range from floor and game optimization to marketing and content support. Let our experts take care of the projects you wish you had time for while you continue to focus on the things you do best.

Marketing Consulting

Ensure that you hit your goals with the help of our industry experts. Whether you’re launching your first promotion or your 50th, IGT’s marketing consultants can help manage the multiple moving parts of your campaign, all while supporting your goals and existing team.

We bring expertise from years of experience in launching marketing campaigns, helping avoid pitfalls and set up campaigns for clear results. You don’t have to go it alone. IGT’s Marketing Services are here to help.

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Our experts take care of the projects you wish you had time for.

Custom Content

Content Development

Your property and promotions change constantly. Don’t let your content fall behind. IGT’s Content Services supplements your marketing department by providing fresh, engaging content for a variety of situations. From idle screens to Service Window content, including updating amenities, we’ll help keep your content up-to-date.

We also help with new promotions and events with art for Tournament Manager and our powerful bonusing options. Our strong portfolio of backgrounds and bonus games gives you a quick launch, or let us design graphics that match your promotion theme. IGT is your partner for fresh, interactive content.

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Floor layout and design

Turn your floor into a player magnet.

Designing an optimal floor layout and game mix can be one of the most challenging aspects of casino operation. But it’s also the most critical. Simply put, the better the layout and mix is, the better your bottom line.

Our skilled floor design team will gather information about your players, competitive situation, facility, and cabinets you own. This ensures the final result is the ideal mix of slot machines targeted toward the most important gaming market of them all – yours.

Each customized plan is drawn to scale and displays every game type, cabinet style, and location. We can even incorporate signage, game data (e.g. progressive features, denomination, section number, game number, and descriptions), cash cages, booths, restrooms, entrances/exits, and dining and beverage establishments into the plan. 2D, 3D, and 4D designs are used to create design plans to give you a vivid picture of your design.

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Professional CAD Floor Design

Expert Game Analysis

Floor Management

IGT Analytics provides a wealth of information on game performance. When running those numbers feels like a chore, our game analysts can take the burden off your shoulders.

The length and depth of how much we help is completely up to you. We can recommend themes and configurations, or we can create an in-depth partnership that not only provides recommendations but allows our specialists to install themes on your machines remotely or on site, with a 30, 60 and 90-day review to ensure that your success is on track.

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CMS Optimization

Make sure your CMS is an MVP.

You know how valuable a Casino Management System (CMS) is to casino operations. Consulting Services specialists will observe key operational variables and develop valuable recommendations to help optimize overall system use and practices. We also check out system configuration settings and critical system reports to determine areas of concern and opportunity.

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Partnering with you


SystemCare is designed to assist customers with the adoption of their newly installed IGT Advantage® casino management system. Long term satisfaction of systems investments is often determined within the first six months of implementation. That’s why IGT provides SystemCare – a prescribed set of post installation activities designed to help your team close knowledge gaps, increase performance and accelerate time-to-value.

  • Identify and remediate gaps in IT and operations
  • Align system features to your strategic business needs
  • Adopt Industry best practices to streamline processes
  • Ease transition from go-live to steady state operations

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