System Test Center

System Test Center

Ensure compatibility through rigorous testing

In this business, you can’t overemphasize the importance of product compatibility. Whether you’re an operator, manufacturer, or peripheral supplier, you can leverage the IGT Global Technology & Interoperability Center to ensure compatibility between GSA protocol-based solutions from other manufacturers with IGT games and systems. All in a secure, private environment.

Testing is conducted in a true-to-life environment with full scale systems. By emulating individual customer sites, our rigorous testing ensures there are no surprises when products are brought to market or placed on the casino floor.

The Interoperability Center is approved as a Gaming Standards Association (GSA) test lab, allowing IGT to certify its products as GSA-compliant based upon the Association's Game-to-System (G2S) and System-to-System (S2S) protocols.

Our Process

You can rely on our expert team to work with you to develop a plan that is right for you and your project. A typical engagement follows this process:

  • Complete a test request form
  • IGT works with you to determine project scope and timeline
  • Test proposal is generated and pre-testing paperwork is executed
  • Project team is formed and Center resources are assigned
  • Testing is performed by either Center engineers or through a mutual effort with your organization
  • Generate test results upon completion; project is signed off and closed

Manufacturers: Ensure the compatibility of your products

Open networking is being adapted by properties of all sizes. At the Interoperability Center manufacturers can test their products in tandem with products from other manufacturers to ensure compatibility.

Operators: Make decisions with confidence

The Interoperability Center allows operators to test the interaction between various games, casino management software and peripherals in a secure real-world environment before they are installed on their floor.

Suppliers: Enhance your value proposition

Peripheral providers can now assure customers that their products have been “IGT Tested” and found suitable for use with IGT Network Systems products.

The intricacies of real-world casino environments, in a lab setting

The Center goes to great lengths to mimic real-world casino environments. This includes their gaming floor configurations and data volume, helping to ensure reliable interoperability test conclusions.

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