ADVANTAGE Analytics presents an integrated solution to perform in-depth analysis for individual or multi-site casino enterprises regardless of the data source. Increase revenues and gain knowledgeable insights from all aspects of your operations.

Standard Reporting

IGT’s systems are fully compliant with regulatory reporting requirements and include hundreds of reports to help you manage your bottom line. The system uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to generate its reports. SSRS also provides the ability to easily write custom reports. All reports can be exported in a variety of file formats (XML, CSV, PDF, Excel, and more) for business analysis.



Powered by CDI GlobalSuite gives your management staff point-and-click access to important data that encompasses all aspects of the casino floor, including slots, table games, and player data:

  • Display of information tailored by stakeholder role – Performance Analyst, General Manager, Slot Director, Lead Technician, Manager, Audit, and more
  • Dashboards, heat maps, and other visual tools
  • Enhanced 2D and ultra 3D graphical analysis:
    • Multi-point financial color coding and text information views provide an extra dimension of analysis
    • Ability to launch quick dialogs, pivot tables, and reports from within the graphical environment
    • More versatility and analysis options for the end-user

ADVANTAGE Analytics provides access to your enterprise’s gaming data using standard data warehousing technologies.

Flexible, Customizable Toolset

ADVANTAGE Analytics uses customizable dashboards, reports, and backend datasets for maximum flexibility. While ADVANTAGE Analytics utilizes a standard database format to drive the product’s features, it can be modified to incorporate any data from an accessible database.

Your data needs always require the support of deep and varied set of reports. ADVANTAGE Analytics delivers reporting through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Power BI, and a series of dashboards. Reports can be automatically generated and emailed to groups or individuals.

Floor Visualization

The floor visualization is more than a map of the floor:

  • Slot machines and tables can be colored or highlighted based upon any metric in the ADVANTAGE Analytics database
  • Gaming devices can be colored to show absolute performance (coin in between X and Y in yellow, over Z in green) or relative performance (top 5% of slot machines in red, bottom 5% in blue)

The map directly integrates reporting and game play data. Gaming devices display with pop-ups with historical performance along with configuration data, and more. Key metrics, like Theoretical Win, can be shown next to individual devices or aggregated for banks. Players can be analyzed by the machines or themes they play. The spectrum of tools available to users is broad and the available insight is deep.

Floor Manager Analytics

How do you predict new game success, balance new and classic themes, or configure games to maximize revenue? Find unique and valuable insights into game play that will translate to increased revenue with Floor Manager Analytics. Rather than rely on accounting systems, which deliver consolidated information, Floor Manager Analytics goes straight to EGMs for transactional game play data.

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