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Standard Reporting

IGT’s systems are fully compliant with regulatory reporting requirements and include hundreds of reports to help you manage your bottom line. The system uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to generate its reports. SSRS also provides the ability to easily write custom reports. All reports can be exported in a variety of file formats (XML, CSV, PDF, Excel, and more) for business analysis.


Give your management staff point-and-click access to important data that encompasses all aspects of the casino floor, including slots, table games, and player data:

  • Display of information tailored by stakeholder role — Performance Analyst, General Manager, Slot Director, Lead Technician, Manager, Audit, and more
  • Dashboards, heat maps, and other visual tools
  • Enhanced 2D and ultra 3D graphical analysis:
    • Multi-point financial color coding and text information views provide an extra dimension of analysis
    • Ability to launch quick dialogs, pivot tables, and reports from within the graphical environment
    • More versatility and analysis options for the end-user

ADVANTAGE Analytics provides access to your enterprise’s gaming data using standard data warehousing technologies.

 UPGRADED Floor Maps include:

  • A first-person view of the floor, so now you can walk the floor without leaving your office.
  • Faster, easier updates to the map as your floor changes, eliminating the need for an additional mapping program.

The system helps you plan for new EGMs or game theme placement to ensure maximum profitability. You can also determine if older game themes merit keeping and moving to a different location for increased player loyalty.

Reports and Dashboards

Easily analyze your audited IGT ADVANTAGE data, including:

  • Time on device
  • Occupancy
  • Section comparisons against floor average
  • Theoretical win
  • Comparison of performance by EGM manufacturer
  • Top/bottom performing game themes
  • ...And More

Dashboards provide “on the fly” evaluations without leaving the screen. They bring analytical and operational insights to an array of user roles, like Performance Analyst, Games Management, General Manager, Marketing, and Audit.

Floor Manager Analytics

How do you predict new game success, balance new and classic themes, or configure games to maximize revenue? Find unique and valuable insights into game play that will translate to increased revenue with Floor Manager Analytics. Rather than rely on accounting systems, which deliver consolidated information, Floor Manager Analytics goes straight to EGMs for transactional game play data.

A desktop comupter with graphs tracking the revenue of a casino game with Igt Advantage's floor manager analytics system
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