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EZ Pay™

Cashless gaming convenience

Increase coin-in and decrease costs with CMS-agnostic EZ Pay™ products. From traditional ticketing to smart and mag card solutions, cashless products increase player loyalty and make the gaming experience seamless. EZ Pay products include TITO, Purchase Tickets, Promo Tickets, Smart Card, and Mag Card.

Promo Tickets

Attract new players and provide valuable rewards with IGT EZ Pay™ Promo Tickets. This easy-to-implement add-on feature to your existing IGT EZ Pay ticketing system takes your marketing efforts to a new level.

Mag Card

Now you can give players the option to easily move funds from game to game using their club card. And integration with most patron management, point-of-sale and hotel systems means players gain quick and easy access to their gaming balances, players club rewards and property services and amenities using a single card.

A person taking their  cashout  voucher from a gaming terminal using IGT EZ Pay
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