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Resort Wallet™

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The industry’s only fully integrated, turnkey cashless solution

Boost player convenience, reduce contact, and increase liquidity with IGT’s Resort Wallet cashless solution, part of the IGT ADVANTAGE™ casino management system product family.

Full integration of our technology means deployment is fast and efficient. Players only need to access a single digital cashless wagering account and login to make all funding transactions for the most user-friendly cashless experience.

Players can choose cashless to fund slot play, table games, sports betting, and use at retail points-of-sale across multiple properties in the same enterprise.

IGT’s proprietary external funding gateway, IGTPay™ is fully operational in land-based and digital environments. State lotteries, casinos and digital gaming entities are all benefitting from IGTPay’s full suite of financial services.

Our experienced Payments team can manage any or all of the payment services required, including acting merchant of record, vendor and funds management, fraud and security, and player identification and support.

Tailored to your business and your players

IGT offers two flexible variations of IGT’s cashless offering: cardless and carded.

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Carded Cashless

Using a casino-branded loyalty card, players load cash into a secure Cashless Wagering Account from either the casino cashier, kiosk, or any slot machine, and access those funds from any slot machine, electronic table game, or kiosk using the card.


Player cards-in and accesses Cashless Wagering Account.


Player selects value to transfer (on player tracking display).


Funds transferred.

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Cardless Cashless

Using an app on a mobile device to access a Cashless Wagering Account, players load cash into the account from either the casino cashier, kiosk, or a slot machine, then tap their smartphone on a slot machine or table game to card in. They can then transfer funds between slot machines onsite, as well as between a casino’s sister properties.


Using casino player app, player cards in using Cardless Connect® and accesses Cashless Wagering Account.


Player selects value to transfer (on mobile device using Resort Wallet).


Funds transferred.

IGT advantage cashless external funding with IGT Pay - a smartphone with a dollar sign in a persons hand and a credit card with a dollar icon

Cashless External Funding with IGTPay™

This full-service cashless experience combines Resort Wallet with IGTPay, IGT’s proprietary external funding gateway. It gives players the flexibility to load their Cashless Wagering Account with funds from external sources such as bank accounts, credit card and debit card accounts, and eWallets.


Transfer funds from an external source and into the Cashless Wagering Account using IGTPay.


Using a mobile device or a player’s card, the player cards in and accesses their Cashless Wagering Account.


Player selects value to transfer (on mobile device or player tracking display).


Funds transferred.

Marker Trax Slot Marker Funding

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IGT has extended your Resort Wallet feature set with integration into Marker Trax advanced digital casino marker technology. Qualified slot players experience a five-minute approval process via the mobile app or online. Once approved, funds are accessed at the EGM via the player loyalty card and associated pin number. Conveniently downloading funds using the Service Window or NexGen display, the player has access to this NEW funding option. This integration lowers the risk of players walking with the casino’s money, as funds are collected at the end of each gaming session. This fully integrated solution eliminates multiple friction points related to the current casino credit management process.

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