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G2S Solutions

G2S Solutions

Remotely configure your floor to give your players the games they want, when they want. Turn your gaming machines into marketing vehicles. Pull more detailed performance data than ever before.

  • Floor Manager

    IGT Floor Manager

    IGT Floor Manager offers a solution to remotely change casino floor mix based on market conditions and demographics that will grow business and maximize performance. Event scheduling and monitoring tools give you everything needed to optimize the games on your floor. Offer players the games they want with IGT’s game library, all while reducing operational costs.

    Floor Manager Brochure [PDF]

  • Media Manager

    IGT Media Manager

    Your floor is full of savvy players who are important to your business. M5 will help you build a relationship with these players by creating a unique entertainment experience that entices excitement, drives more play, shows player appreciation, and recognizes player value.

    Based on the HTML5 industry standard, you can now personalize your service window and banner content. With M5, your content can take over the full game screen and display promotions, events, and other personalized content. 

    M5 Brochure [PDF]

    Media Manager - Ad Manager Brochure [PDF]

    Media Manager - Property Info Brochure [PDF]

  • sbX Analytics

    IGT Analytics

    IGT Analytics, the first analysis tool based on G2S data, provides you with more comprehensive machine performance data than ever before. Access game play data down to the theme or denomination level — and get hourly performance figures to see how player behavior changes throughout the day — so you can make real-time decisions for your floor.

    Analytics Brochure [PDF]

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