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IGT Advantage®

The most comprehensive business solution in gaming

Any casino management system can do accounting and basic player loyalty. You need a system that supports your business processes and also gives you the tools to provide personalized player experiences, streamline operations, and leverage efficient technologies.

An IGT Advantage® CMS system will help you connect games, floors, venues and players that transform the potential of your business in ways that no other CMS can. Whatever the mix of your floor, the scale of your operation or the challenges that you face, our open approach will deliver a solution customized to your needs.

Player Experience Applications

How Players Can Experience the Difference.

With IGT you pay for the technology you need now, secure in the knowledge that our system can grow with your requirements and the most modern technologies. Let us show you the Advantage Difference.

  • Patron Management

    Patron Management

    A lot of information goes into the perfect promotion. For example, setting coin-in, filtering by location and adding in just the right reward. Tracking these results requires organization and clarity. With multi-site capabilities, Advantage Patron Management keeps all the information under one roof, making your marketing easier at any level.

    Patron Management Brochure [PDF]

  • Machine Accounting

    Machine Accounting

    Advantage Machine Accounting streamlines your accounting team's frequent tasks so they can be more productive and run a smoother operation. Task-based checklists simplify audits, paging, work orders, and machine management and enhanced filtering makes both regulatory and operational reporting quick and easy.

    Advantage Machine Accounting Brochure [PDF]

    Advantage Machine Accounting - Central Credit Brochure [PDF]

    Advantage Machine Accounting - MDMG Brochure [PDF]

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Applications

    Improve the player experience and minimize the time away from the game. Proactive apps help you retain more players and decrease floor downtime. Whether you want to empower hosts with Mobile Host or floor staff with Mobile Responder, IGT can help you create that positive customer experience.

    IGT’s Mobile Comp [PDF] 

    Mobile Dashboard [PDF]

    Mobile Notifier [PDF]

  • Visual Slot Performance


    Know what’s happening right now with the down-to-the-second updates from Advantage Visual Slot Performance. It transforms data from across your casino floor into vibrant, full-color maps so you can make quick and effective decisions, eliminating those endless hours evaluating data from multiple source systems.

    Visual Slot Performance Tool Brochure [PDF]

  • Cage

    Cage & Table

    Save time and increase security with the IGT Advantage™ Cage and Table Accounting system. Process table play information, markers, front money, chips, checks, foreign currency exchanges, and inventories quickly and easily. Your team will make better, more accurate credit decisions that protect your operation and limit unnecessary exposure.

    IGT Advantage Cage and Table Accounting Brochure [PDF]

  • Table Manager

    Table Manager

    Advantage Table Manager is the most advanced and flexible table game solution in the industry. It reduces most pencil-to-paper tasks while maximizing comping accuracy, increasing productivity, and delivering compelling bonusing to table players.

    Table Manager Brochure [PDF]

  • EZ Pay Cashout Vouche

    EZ Pay®

    Increase coin-in and decrease costs with CMS-agnostic EZ Pay™ products. From traditional ticketing to smart and mag card solutions, cashless products increase player loyalty and make the gaming experience seamless.

    EZ Pay™ products include TITO, Purchase Tickets, Promo Tickets, Smart Card and Mag Card

    Promo Tickets Brochure [PDF]

    Smart Card & Mag Card Brochure [PDF]

    Ticketing Brochure [PDF]

  • Rebates Commissions

    Rebates & Commissions

    Increase your junket profitability with IGT Rebates and Commissions! It’s an all-inclusive solution that optimizes your table game junket programs by incentivizing, managing, and developing these critical extensions of your marketing program in a much more effective way.

    Rebates and Commissions Brochure [PDF]

  • Advanced Marketing Interface

    Advanced Marketing Interface

    Bring your casino brand to your players, no matter what device they’re on, and let them access their club information on anywhere. The Advanced Marketing Interface (AMI) inserts player information when a player logs in to your website, app or other digital experience, integrating the casino experience into your online presence. Your branding stays consistent, even in the online realm.

    Advanced Marketing Interface Brochure [PDF]


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