IGT Tournament Manager

Tournament Manager

Turn up your tournament volume

Tournament Manager redefines and simplifies tournaments for you and your players. Everything from how players register, play in the event, and receive scores is improved and enhanced. In addition, by integrating with MLD™ technology and proven IGT tournament themes, you can instantly turn your slots into tournament games.

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From Our Customers

Tournament Manger has completely streamlined our tournament process. We can keep our floor open until minutes before the tournament, and the sign-up process has been simplified. Guests love to see their scores as the tournament progresses, and the number of requests about scoring has dropped by 10%. We’ve also experienced a 10% increase in game play as well! It’s been a wonderful enhancement for both players and for our staff.

The customer reaction to tournament mode has been phenomenal. The attendance in our tournaments has gone up by 200% since installing Spin Ferno® games.

Hands-down, the best slot tournament product ever. The players love the experience

TournXtreme® Tournaments


TournXtreme® Tournaments offer a turn-key premium tournament solution to meet your unique needs:

  • Versatile, effective marketing tool: realize any number of business objectives and increase traffic to your property:
    • Attract more players and drive coin-in to new or underutilized areas of your floor, day parts, or specific player segments
    • Cross-promote your properties and run multi-site tournaments (within the same enterprise/company)
    • Seamlessly switch your bank between MONEYSTRIKE!™ Progressives coin-in themes and IGT tournament options. MONEYSTRIKE!™ Progressives leverage the same progressive controller as IGT Tournament products, giving you ultimate flexibility and added player appeal.
  • Increase your revenue generation: increase your tournament efficiency, reducing strain on staff resources and minimizing downtime:
    • Ever-expanding library of high-performing, player-favorite titles available when not in tournament mode
    • Switch between tournament mode and coin-in mode instantaneously with minimal downtime by removing the reliance on manual adjustments at each machine
  • Maximize player enjoyment: unmatched excitement, better-than-ever celebrations and player-favorite features:
    • Appeal to any player demographic with upcoming releases across spinning reel slots, video slots and video poker gaming machines
  • A turn-key tournament package: includes Tournament Manager software, tournament themes, a self-service registration kiosk and optional overhead signage:
    • Optional walk-up kiosk for easy registration and selection of tournament time slots
    • Configurable tournament session times and excitement levels
    • Custom promotional marketing assets and support
    • Load in your own attract content on the new and improved overhead signage to run while the tournament is not in session. Overhead signage will accompany coin-in themes when not in tournament mode.

Additional resources:


Turn-key, player- facing marketing support

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Step-by-step guide to tournament strategy

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Sample Tournament Manual

Quick how-to cheat sheets & manuals for event staff

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Yearly turn-key grand-finale event for players

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Contact your IGT Account Manager about initial training and support programs available

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