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M5 is based on the HTML5 industry standard, which enables you to personalize your service window and banner content easily. With M5, your content can take over the full game screen and display promotions, events, and other personalized content. Now you can give the player more than just their name on the display, but bonus content, ads, and even promotions based on their player profile.

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Service Window

Hand interacting with pop out food ordering tab while playing IGT slot games

Player’s personalized space within the game

Service Window is the players personalized space within the game screen. It helps reduce kiosk and player club lines and gets guests playing more quickly. From beverage ordering to entering drawings and more, Service Window is the display to show all of the time-saving, convenient apps to your players.

IGT's Avento hardware add-on for gaming cabinets


In-game hardware designed using on a streamlined, software-driven approach. This method reduces dependencies on components that may eventually go end of life by their manufacturers and makes it easier to support new system features over time. Includes superior graphics processing capability and extends your customer service offerings with full screen Service Window content on your video games. AVENTO is cashless ready, including a new card reader, cardless hardware, and Cardless Connect™ licenses. The full kit supports UGA or TFT out of the box.

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Two IGT gaming machines with UGA service window for non G2S games.


UGA easily deploys Service Window on non-G2S games from any manufacturer delivering a compelling and consistent player experience. Service Window is the best way to enhance communications and deliver exciting applications to players. IGT now offers two UGA formats; the standard UGA is ideal for deployment into 1080p screens while the 4KUGA is used specifically for machines that have 4K screen resolutions.

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