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Mobile Player The the modern way to let your players have all of their needs met on the convenience of their mobile device.

Cardless Connect™

Cardless Connect™ allows your player’s smartphone to become their loyalty card. Players simply tap their phone to any gaming machine to card in, reducing barriers to play and increasing the velocity of money on your floor. The technology helps streamline the card-in process at properly equipped EGMs on the floor. This provides increased convenience for players, since most patrons (especially younger ones) take their mobile phones everywhere.

Say Hello to Simple

Add value to your casino app with the Cardless Connect™ product, increasing loyalty and positioning your casino on the cutting edge of technology.

Cardless Connect™ isn’t just an app for Millennials. It’s great for locals and frequent players. Lost and forgotten cards are no longer a frustrating barrier to play as smartphones and apps become standard for all demographics. As a bonus, you save on the expenses of printing and re-printing loyalty cards.

Cardless Connect™ is a new standard in gaming, and we want to ensure that you have the right support in deploying it to your players. We’ve created a suite of materials for both staff education as well as player awareness and trial to help you successfully launch.

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A person holding a smartphone in a casino featuring the IGT Advantage Cardless Connect casino patron mobile app

JOINGO Fully Integrated App

Deploy your casino app quickly and easily. IGT’s preferred application provider JOINGO, a Sightline Payments solution, offers a best-in-class, end-to-end mobile application that integrates with and supports all existing IGT ADVANTAGE functionality including:

  • Card-in using Cardless Connect™
  • Resort Wallet balance display, transfers to/from the game and external funding
  • Player offers using Intelligent Offer

IGT also offers a rich set of interfaces that can integrate with your current app provider.