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IGT ADVANTAGE™ Slot Management

From ticketing solutions to managing the content on your floor, IGT ADVANTAGE provides all the tools you need to run and optimize your floor.

IGT Floor Manager

IGT Floor Manager offers a solution to remotely change casino floor mix based on market conditions and demographics that will grow business and maximize performance. Event scheduling and monitoring tools give you everything needed to optimize the games on your floor. And with our new light interface, Floor Manager Lite, you can bridge to mobile devices, ensuring that game changes happen when and where you want.

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A computer screen in a data center showcasign the IGT Advantage floor manager casino management tool

Machine Accounting

ADVANTAGE Machine Accounting streamlines your accounting team's frequent tasks so they can be more productive and run a smoother operation. Task-based checklists simplify audits, paging, work orders, and machine management and enhanced filtering makes both regulatory and operational reporting quick and easy.

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Advantage Monitor

Keep an eye on players, machines and security all from one central location: IGT Advantage™ Monitor. To make security and machine servicing more efficient, this module consolidates event notification, player session information, and security management in one central point.

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