Operational Modules

Operational Modules

Core Management System

Is provided through system redundancy with off-site, backup, proven transaction processing and monitoring tools capable of system, network, or site issue notifications, security at the user and group levels with encrypted data between the VLT and the system.

Is optimized to ensure continuous VLT operations in the event of a communication loss with the Central System, by recording all transactions on the local site controllers that can resume process after a drop in communications, without transaction loss.

Provides the ability to track, record and report security exceptions and Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) events by VLT or site providing the ability to act on events affecting the integrity or security of the network.

Provides the ability manage all aspects of the system with financial integrity and reporting along with the ability to produce and adjust invoices and perform electronic funds transfers (EFTs) for each retailer or venue.

Is a data warehousing, business analysis and reporting system specifically designed for decision management in a lottery enterprise. Executive, Marketing and Operational dashboards help to quickly identify trends and provide actionable insights to improve the business performance of each individual game, video lottery terminal and retailer in the network.

Controls the selection, scheduling, distribution and auditing of downloadable software packages one or more EGMs at remote sites.

Provides operators the ability to remotely retrieve log files to assist in diagnosing issues that occur with EGMs in the field.