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Site Controllers


IGT’s site controllers communicate with and monitor VLTs, to ensure they are online, all game play transactions are recorded and security exceptions are captured. Each site controller acts as a store and forward device should communications to the INTELLIGEN Central Management System (CMS) be lost. To reduce transactions, local controllers provide summary information consistent with cash in, cash played, and cash won. It can be configured as a protocol converter for common industry protocols like SAS and G2S to communicate between VLTs and the CMS.

IGT's family of high performance site controllers is designed to meet the diverse needs of the distributed public gaming market now and in the future.

i-LINK® Ultra Retailer Terminal

  • Combination Retailer Point of Service (POS) Terminal and EGM Site Controller
  • Connects up to 50 EGMs within a single retail location
  • Compact 10” color countertop display with built-in barcode and magnetic stripe card reader
  • Highly intuitive web-style user display with fingertip-sized touch screen controls
  • Minimized footprint and rugged design for increased durability
A black IGT sit controller Kiosk featuring a blocked layout of a gaming floor with a few machines colored in.

Multi-Terminal Site Controller (MTSC)

The MTSC is a site controller used to connect VLTs and forward event and meter data, to and from, the venue and the INTELLIGEN Central System. Each MTSC can support upwards of 400 VLTs in a single venue, depending on the gaming demands of the protocol being used and any enhanced media rich functionality deployed in the venue. For large implementations multiple MTSCs may be used.