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Digital Data & Insights

Analytics and AI

IGT's data-driven approach to business assists lotteries with tracking, analyzing and modeling player behaviors, sales and marketing results across channels.

IGT’s Player Data Platform

Player 360 View

Player Data Platform ingests data from diverse and disparate sources (iLottery, CRM, Marketing, etc) to provide a unique and comprehensive view of each player and removes silos.

Player Insights

IGT uses advanced analytics techniques to understand players, spot trends, anticipate disruption and identify white spaces.

Modern Data Architecture

IGT’s modern data architecture provides an agile and scalable platform supporting not only reporting but data discovery, data science artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML).

AIML Modelling

Employs extensive use of machine learning to understand players. Includes models developed and trained on lottery data from various sites optimized for local conditions.

Analytics and AI