Becoming a Better Leader at the NASPL 2018 Lottery Leadership Institute

NASPL Lottery Leadership Institute

The NASPL 2018 Lottery Leadership Institute (LLI), hosted by NASPL and the Iowa Lottery, took place in Des Moines, Iowa from April 8-12 and was attended by representatives from North American lotteries and lottery vendors. Designed to help develop leaders at all organizational levels, this year’s program included leadership training from Dale Carnegie Systems, many eye-opening sessions on the lottery industry, and tours of the Iowa Lottery headquarters and the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) office.

After a welcome and introduction session by Terry Rich, President and CEO of the Iowa Lottery, and David Gale, Executive Director of NASPL, John Rodgers of Dale Carnegie Systems presented a full day of leadership training. A key theme of which was the message that “everyone wins when a leader gets better – not perfect, but better,” stressing the importance of constant self-improvement and lifelong learning. Institute attendees were taught about Servant Leadership, a philosophy that encourages leaders to focus on helping and developing the skills of their team members, ensuring that the next generation of lottery leaders will also excel in their future roles.

The second day of the program began with a Lottery 101 course, in which David Gale gave an extensive history of lottery in North America, beginning with the first lottery drawing held in New Hampshire. Gale also addressed some of the issues facing the industry today; hot topics included legislation concerning sports betting and online lottery play.

Following Gale’s presentation, Lori Rugle, Ph.D., spoke to the group about the importance of responsible gambling and NASPL’s responsible gambling initiatives. “Responsible gambling,” Rugle stated, “is an issue that relates to consumers, industry, and the wider community, and should involve strategies that reduce gambling related harm and increase gambling related benefits across society.” The leadership group learned about NASPL’s guidelines on responsible gambling as community engagement, which recognizes that the gambling industry is a key stakeholder in discussions about responsible gambling.

Event attendees then heard directly from retailers about the benefits and challenges of selling lottery during the “Establishing Successful Partnerships for Retailers and Lotteries” panel. The panelists discussed the importance of Instant Ticket facings, their need for a streamlined inventory process, and their desire to sell tickets using their existing in-lane POS machines – a process that could be made possible by the creation and use of an industry-standard API.

Kim Lee, IGT’s Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, participated in the afternoon’s vendor panel. Lee spoke about the importance of creating a culture that welcomes and encourages diversity. By placing a renewed focus on diversity, the industry can help bring new ideas and different perspectives to lottery, which is crucial for continued growth – especially since lotteries have diverse customer bases. Lee summarized her presentation with a quote from Verna Myers: "Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance."

Other highlights from Day 2 included an energizing team building activity and a presentation on Lottery Operations and Management, where Terry Rich spoke on the importance of diversification of lottery sales, including product types and sales locations.

On the third and final day, the group was invited to visit locations that offered great insights into the lottery industry, including the MUSL office and the Iowa Lottery headquarters. The day’s session topics included the history of Powerball, a Q&A with a Powerball jackpot winner, how the Iowa Lottery creates and responds to change, and department-specific learning sessions with a variety of subject matter experts from the Iowa Lottery.

Throughout the event, the NASPL 2018 Lottery Leadership Institute taught attendees new skills they can use to improve both their leadership abilities and the future of the lottery industry.


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