A View from the Summit: Hot Topics in Lottery at WLS 2018

IGT at WLS 2018

IGT’s Paul Riley, Vice President, Lottery Innovation and Transformation, offered this year’s World Lottery Summit (WLS) delegates a unique interactive experience in IGT’s Platinum Contributor Presentation on Monday, November 19.

Using a mobile polling application, Paul gathered the opinions of the audience on which experiences, retail trends, and emerging technologies the lottery industry should focus on to build new, connected player experiences.

When asked to rank the features of a Connected Play lottery experience, delegates overwhelmingly voted for personalization as the most important, whether achieved passively (your presence is sensed without you having to do anything because your mobile phone or facial features are detected) or actively (your presence is known because you presented a physical or virtual player card). This was followed by seamless payment through a lottery account in all channels. In joint third position were persistence of games from one channel to another and integrated promotions.

The next poll asked delegates to consider on which of the new retail trends and technologies the lottery industry should focus. The continued expansion of self-service took the top ranking, followed by voice technology such as Amazon’s Alexa, and then new retail propositions such as checkout-less stores, followed by Buy Online Pick up In Store (BOPIS).

Finally, Paul asked delegates to rank new technology enablers, asking them which, in their view, would be the ones with the potential to transform the lottery industry.

Cashless and paperless transactions were voted the top technologies that the industry should focus on; followed by Artificial Intelligence experiences, such as Conversational Commerce; and finally player identification using biometric measures, mobile phone detection, or facial recognition.

IGT would like to thank delegates for their responses which, together with global player insights and retail and consumer trend analysis, guides IGT’s mission to transform play and fuel lottery growth through a fully connected player experience.

For more information on how IGT is exploring the Future of Connected Play, contact your ADM.

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