IGT Hosts Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Showcase

Jim Humphrey demonstrates an app with one of the event's attendees

IGT’s Global Lottery Marketing’s Innovation and Lottery Transformation team partnered with Rhode Island Virtual Reality (RIVR) organization to create an IGT-hosted Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Showcase in IGT’s Providence, RI headquarters at IGT Center on Thursday, February 21, 2019.

Rhode Island Virtual Reality is a team of artists, scientists, and technologists committed to nurturing an extended reality ecosystem in the state. This organization allows entrepreneurs, institutions, researchers, organizations, and learners the opportunity to learn, practice, and connect with various individuals, and develop workforce opportunities that have the potential to lead to Digital Reality business ideas and commerce. The group works with businesses and organizations to host monthly meet-ups and related events to further the Digital Reality industry in Rhode Island.

The event, hosted by IGT, showcased a variety of different ways IGT and other companies are leveraging up-and-coming technologies in Augmented Reailty (AR), Virtual-Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Demonstrations and products also featured leading international companies that included Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Dassault Systèmes, and PTC.  Smaller, cutting-edge companies such as Happy Giant, Hoverlay, AR4Everyone, and Looking Glass Factory, with its amazing hologram technology, also provided hands-on demos and product reviews.

IGT’s Lottery organization leverages extended reality technologies with its PaymaxsI-developed AR instant games product. IGT also reviewed recent prototypes of retail engagement AR experiences that you can use with your mobile phone and an AR-driven product placement and showcasing app. IGT’s PlayDigital team reviewed efforts to date in gaming to leverage Virtual Reality.

In addition to all the demonstrations and networking, industry experts gave “Lightning Talks” that sparked discussions amongst attendees regarding the future of these new technologies and product roadmaps and provided new inspiration to the makers and users of these technologies.

This event allowed attendees to learn more about extended reality technologies, spark inspiration for new ideas and uses of these capabilities, and network with other industry professionals.  

“IGT leads our industry in innovation. We have done that for nearly 40 years.  Innovation, however, sometimes takes a village.  At IGT it is imperative that our employees and their unique areas of expertise get exposure to our products and the opportunity to see cutting-edge technologies we are investigating. Employees can then, in turn, provide valuable feedback and new ideas on how we might best use these innovative technologies in our industry.  This type of event provides that opportunity, while also working with and supporting our local community,” said Jim Humphrey, Senior Manager with IGT’s Innovation and Lottery Transformation team.

I This innovative technology is licensed exclusively through IGT Global Solutions and powered by Paymaxs USA, LLC, a member of Omninet Group.

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