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Lottery Systems and Solutions

IGT’s lottery solution, a highly configurable, player-centric suite of lottery products and applications, is perfectly situated at the intersection of fun, technology, and customer satisfaction.  Our solution enables lotteries to manage and modernize all aspects of their business – from player experience to retail optimization – to draw in new players and build engagement with current ones.

To deliver on player and retailer expectations now and in the future, the solution features omnichannel capabilities for a seamless player experience, interoperability with third-party applications, a single retailer view for lotteries to manage their customers more effectively, profit driving tools and actionable insights and analytics.

Central Systems

Our flexible core systems power retail, digital and omnichannel sales securely and reliably.

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Data & Insights

Our integrated suite of tools helps lotteries manage the everyday activities that drive sales and growth to deliver actionable insights on retail and iLottery performance.

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Retail Digital Signage

Retail Digital Signage is a retail solution providing lotteries with a customizable and easy-to-update channel at retail to communicate information to players. More than 50 jurisdictions worldwide use IGT’s solution as part of their retail content strategy.

Cashless Solution

Cashless and contactless payment options are already the norm across much of the world, and the use of cash at retail is declining.