Retailer Pro | Lottery Point of Sale Terminal | IGT

Retailer Pro

High-performance point-of-sale terminal solution

The Retailer Pro high-performance retailer terminal is IGT’s primary terminal offering, designed to service even the highest-volume retailers. With more than 100,000 units currently installed around the globe, it has proven to be highly reliable and popular with retailers and lotteries alike.

Benefits and Features

  • Proven Reliability – An evolution of our successful Altura GT604 and GT1200 terminals, based on knowledge gained from research, consultation with retailers, and the experience of building, deploying, and maintaining more than 500,000 points of access worldwide.
  • Modular Design – Enables lotteries to configure a solution that meets their specific requirements as well as update or replace components quickly.
  • Scalable: Allows lotteries to easily add new features across multiple POS solutions simultaneously.
Retailer Pro