Lottery Services

Insight Team

Our full-service research department

IGT’s Insight Team is a full-service research department that supports current lottery customers with their research needs and enhances lottery industry knowledge via published thought leadership.

The Insight Team drives lottery growth by:

  • Providing foresight around players, retailers, technology, and changing retail trends and dynamics, enabling actionable, market-based decision making to accelerate growth
  • Uncovering emerging trends that guide technology, game production development, and retail and marketing strategies
  • Leveraging the expertise and experience of dedicated market research professionals spread across gaming disciplines and geographies
  • Hosting annual Research Exchange meetings to allow lottery research professionals around the globe to share ideas
  • Publishing learnings from new studies through white papers, articles, and other communications

Retail Sales & Execution Team

Helping lotteries grow their retail programs

IGT’s Retail Sales & Execution Team provides the experienced people and effective tools to help lotteries accelerate and grow their retail programs. The team leverages all available IGT expertise and third-party tools through a range of +Services, including:

Sales Tools & Training

Optimizes the performance of sales organizations through customized organization design, training, and retail business tools.

Business Development

Expands consumer lottery touchpoints through technology, recruitment, and chain account development.

Retail Sales Optimization

Enhances product placement by advancing instant distribution, trade marketing, merchandising, and vending optimization.

The team’s resources and their experience running three U.S. lotteries enable them to assess the individual market situations and provide valuable, customized support to lotteries around the world. Each offering is available as a standalone service, easily integrated with current local lottery strategies and third-party systems.

TechOps Team

For complex system conversion projects

The experienced professionals on IGT’s TechOps Team oversee a lottery customer’s system conversions, acting as on-site resources assigned to manage and deploy projects large or small.

Complex system-conversion projects touch every aspect of a lottery’s business. The TechOps Team provides the highest level of organizational support and personal accountability that such projects demand.

Training Team

Fully tailored training programs

IGT has successfully trained more than one million retailers and system users across 30 U.S. states, in more than 50 countries, on five continents, and in more than a dozen languages.

The Training Team works with customers to match a lottery’s business goals, organizational structure, and skill set with a fully tailored training program led by professionals with real lottery experience.

  • All training needs can be met globally, across all products, technologies, and subject areas.
  • Each training program is completely customized, employing a mix of lecture and hands-on application, question-and-answer sessions, exercises, and feedback.

Field Services Team

Assisting local staff

The IGT Field Services Team works closely with lotteries to assist local staff in carrying out daily operations and reaching peak performance goals.

The team’s activities include:

  • Installation, repair, proactive maintenance, and field-engineering changes or upgrades for all product lines
  • Optimization of all facets of operations, provisioning, and service delivery
  • 24/7 coverage, 365 days of the year, providing the best possible operations management solutions to meet customers’ business needs

Inside Sales Team

Supporting lotteries with staffing, training, and management

IGT’s Inside Sales Team supports lotteries with staffing, training, and management. It drives same-store sales by using best practices to ensure that lotteries’ best-selling instant games are in all retailer locations in sufficient supply to avoid stock-out at retail. Members of the Inside Sales Team focus on lottery key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that the Inside Sales Team and the lottery sales representatives are in sync with a lottery’s programs and goals.

Hotline Team

Supporting local call centers

Always on the front line, the IGT Hotline Team has over 20 years of combined experience supporting local call-centers, as well as their customers, retailers, and players. We have adopted a universal agent strategy to maximize the level of service we provide to lottery customers.

Services include:

  • Troubleshooting to fix terminal and peripheral equipment at retailer establishments
  • Dispatching technicians to retailer locations
  • Ensuring retailers are fully stocked on all lottery-related inventory
  • Answering inquiries and questions, handling complaints, and providing information
  • Engaging engineers and product owners for immediate remediation of issues