IGT offers lottery vending machines (LVMs) for a variety of retail environments. The self-service format of an LVM reduces wait times for players while easing burden on retail staff.

  • IGT GameTouch 28 Lottery Vending Machine

    GameTouch™ 28

    A trusted self-service lottery vending solution for high-volume retailers, GameTouch 28 features a dynamic user experience to attract players and provide increased flexibility.

    • Instant or draw games are available through a fully customizable and integrated multimedia 42-inch touch display.
    • Its 28 bins offer a full suite of lottery products and reduce congestion at points of sale.
    • Integrates with Planogram Manager to optimize ticket offerings, automatically updating the screen and ticket icons.
    • It delivers a better customer experience, as each digital ticket facing (graphic representation) does not need to be associated with a specific bin within the machine, allowing for out-of-stock products to be hidden and in-stock product to be displayed.
  • IGT GameTouch 20 Lottery Vending Machine

    GameTouch™ 20

    GameTouch 20 provides the same level of convenience as the GameTouch 28 in a compact form. At only 54 inches tall, the GameTouch 20 satisfies retail vending-height restrictions. Features and benefits of the GameTouch 20 include:

    • 20 bins sell instant tickets, coupled with a 32-inch-wide monitor
    • Also sells draw game tickets
    • Powered by IGT’s proven GameTouch and OpenRetail technology
    • Builds on the GameTouch 28’s legacy of reliability and durability with new features and functionality
    • Integrates with Planogram Manager to optimize ticket offerings

  • GameTouch Draw Lottery Vending Machine

    GameTouch™ Draw

    GameTouch Draw is a flexible self-service solution for lottery draw and monitor game portfolios that facilitates expansion of draw games into social spaces such as restaurants, bars, and fraternal organizations.

    • Sleek, small-footprint design is ideal for locations where a full-sized vending machine is not practical
    • Provides a self-service option for lottery draw games and monitor games, like Keno, in nontraditional locations where customers have additional leisure time to devote to lottery play
    • The 21.5” multimedia attract screen allows lotteries to advertise relevant game content, promotions, and winner awareness as well as display monitor game draws
    • Self-service format reduces congestion at points of sale and eases burden on retail staff
  • IGT Lottery Vending Machine

    Gemini Ultra

    Ingenuity meets the lottery vending machine (LVM). Gemini is our dynamic and fun-to-play self-service machine. With its sleek, contemporary look and easy-to-use player interface, Gemini LVMs offer sophistication to self-service vending and a buying experience that is intuitive and inviting. Players simply put money in, push a button, and retrieve a ticket. Gemini Ultra is IGT’s full-sized LVM and is equipped with an integrated multimedia display. It can accommodate up to six Quick Pick online game buttons and up to 24 instant ticket bins. Gemini solutions capitalize on impulse play and attract new players in a secure, player-friendly package.

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