New solutions, new players

PlayLottery combines award-winning products, services, and end-to-end solutions with third-party products to responsibly drive lottery business with programs tailored to your individual needs.

Mobile technology will reach the next generation of players, and offer new forms of lottery entertainment at retail, by putting the experience directly into the hands of consumers.

  • Overview

    Our PlayLottery product suite provides lotteries with a complete spectrum of platforms, games and tools you need to create player-centric, omni-channel, lottery offerings firmly supported by responsible gaming principles.

    We offer everything, starting with responsive websites and mobile convenience apps to engage players with traditional lottery products. Then, when ready, we can help you expand to omni-channel solutions that tie mobile play to the retail environment and grow same-store sales.

    When lotteries want to cultivate new markets and players, we can incorporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) options like second chance drawings and VIP programs. With IGT, lotteries can ultimately offer a complete solution with advanced eCommerce products for internet subscriptions and wagering that include eWallet capabilities, supported by the most advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) and responsible gaming protections available, to ensure secure responsible operations.

    iLottery Overview

  • Mobile

    Players are increasingly moving to mobile. Meet the mobile lifestyle head-on with iLottery capabilities that are available both as responsive online websites for desktop and mobile, and additionally as mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and wearables.  

    As the first lottery supplier to launch a mobile lottery app in the United States to allow players to purchase tickets, we understand the importance of mobile. Our data shows more than 50% of players are accessing lottery information via mobile, making the devices an essential component to the long-term success of any iLottery program.

    By reinforcing a brand experience, mobile engages customers and drives multi-channel transactions. It extends the retail experience, creates awareness of traditional lottery products, and attracts digital natives – new, younger players who never leave home without their smartphone, and who prefer the ease of digital transactions in all areas of their lives, particularly games.

  • Games & Subscriptions

    IGT offers a full spectrum of lottery games with a wide selection of enhancement features via a responsive website and a mobile app to effectively open a new sales channel.

    We have a vast content library to provide Lotteries with an extensive portfolio of engaging eInstants including varying themes, play styles, and licensed content. Given the importance of mobile, all new games are developed in HTML5 to work seamlessly on all devices.

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    Draw Games
    All lottery draw games, including lotto-style games and numbers games, are available in digital channels. Purchases connect directly into the host lottery system to view all sales collectively, or by channel (retail, web, mobile). The direct connection also enables lotteries to enforce liability limits for numbers games across all sales channels.

    Quick Draw Games
    Quick draw games such as keno can be tied to retail games (with the same features and draws), or offered independently. Our digital keno features optional side games that can be played while waiting for the next draw.

    Purchase Options
    Players can purchase tickets for the next draw, or use our extended play functionality for multiple draws or subscription purchases. Subscriptions can be auto-renewed. Players are able to select their choice of numbers manually, use quick pick, or save their favorite selections for easy replay in both retail and online. 

    Shopping Cart
    Purchasing draw games is simple; create a play slip, add it to a shopping cart, and checkout to pay. Players only pay for what they wager; no need to top up an account with funds before wagering.

    Group Play
    Playing lottery games with friends and family is automated and simplified. Leaders invite participants; Group Play manages the payments and tickets purchases. Everyone can see the tickets, and social elements enhance the fun.

    Activity Tracking
    Combine player activity and purchases from retail, online, and mobile to identify, reward, and communicate with your valued players.

    Flexible Rewards
    Integrate various reward options, ranging from point redemption for lottery products to entries in special drawings.


    iLottery Games & Subscriptions

  • Player CRM Solutions 

    Optimize lottery player interactions with our extensive set of iLottery Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

    Registration & Account: Players register and open a lottery account to opt in for communications and other programs.

    Player Communications: Deliver automatic jackpot alerts and use advanced database segmentation features to tailor emails, push notifications, and deliver proximity marketing messages to each group.

    Campaigns: Introduce players to new channels and new games via our simple promotional campaign tools.

    Second Chance: Complete draw based games and instant ticket offerings with scalable programs, from single instant tickets to entire instant ticket portfolios.

    Activity Tracking: Combine player activity and purchases from retail, online, and mobile to identify, reward, and communicate with VIP players.

    Flexible Rewards: Integrate various reward options, ranging from point redemption for lottery products or catalog prizes to entry-based VIP drawings.

  • Player Convenience Features

    Provide a full range of convenience features to players via both a responsive website and a mobile app by selecting the features that best meet player needs, including:

    • Draw game information: jackpots/prizes, game odds, how to play, winning numbers, and draw animations
    • Winning numbers: listings by game and date, search
    • Ticket lookup/winner inquiry scan: draw games and instant tickets (mobile app only)
    • Instant ticket information
    • Second chance promotional entries 
    • Lottery information: about us, events, promotions, calendars, claims, responsible gaming, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and more 
    • Retailer locator with map
  • Analytics, Reporting & Management

    Easily manage interactive channel offerings using our suite of advanced tools that organize and accurately analyze the mountain of data coming from a 360-degree compilation of player activities.

    Content Management
    Create messages to specific groups for a more personalized experience and increased player engagement and conversion. We use Adobe CQ5, a state-of-the-art third-party content management system, with a web-accessible WYSIWYG tool to simplify the content process.

    Player Management

    Our Player Account Management (PAM) module is based on deep lottery industry knowledge, and enables lotteries to apply the Know-Your-Player (KYP) multi-product, data-driven approach to their business, and manage players across all channels. It is a comprehensive administrative system with the capability to strengthen business agility and provide the foundation for a successful CRM program.

    • All Games and Game Systems
    • Payment Systems
    • Geo-location
    • Player Identity and Age Verification
    • Player Accounts
    • Campaigns & Player Communications
    • Responsible Gaming Limits
    • Second Chance, Loyalty, and Rewards
    • Promotions
    • Open Architecture with APIs for Third-Party Integrations (content, banking, games, communications, geolocation, age verification, etc.)
    Analytics & Reporting

    Combining player activity with retail sales data, our Player Analytics Module analyzes gaming information, player transactions and demographics, state demographics, registration information, data from third-party partners, and Google analytics from web and mobile. We provide full data feeds to a Business Intelligence application that consolidates the view of player behavior and preferences across all channels. The application is supplemented with iLottery data universes, standard reports, and dashboards. Our partners can also run custom reports and analyses.

  • Purchases, Payments & Winnings

    Our platform enables players to make payments, transfer funds in and out of lottery accounts, and access personal transaction histories. Lotteries can pay winnings directly to the player.

    IGT’s system supports an open architecture to integrate third-party suppliers and provide banking services.

    • Secure and Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant platforms for collecting, processing, and storing all card and bank account information
    • Support for credit and debit card processing
    • A range of payment options (credit, debit, ACH)
    • Support for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover
    • FDIC-insured player accounts
    • Flexible payment gateway to support integration to alternative card acquiring partners, or alternative payment providers
    • Fraud management and indemnification
    • Player dispute research and resolution
    • Management of daily settlement with payment networks and all bank account fees
    • Payment of low-tier winnings (threshold as defined by the lottery) to the player’s account, while all other winnings are handled using the same lottery claims and payments systems currently in use
    • Virtual Player Card enables players to access their eWallet at retail to either add funds, or use funds to pay for lottery products
  • Responsible Gaming Options

    A one-to-one relationship with players makes interactive channels the best avenue for lotteries to manage and maintain high standards of responsible gaming and prevent minors from playing. Our portal has integrated self-limitation, self-evaluation, and self-elimination tools, a state-of-the-art registration verification system, and information on preventing excessive play.

    Player Verification
    With our leading third-party vendor, we provide services to verify player identities, confirm age, and meet standards established under the U.S.A. Patriot Act and by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

    Player Location
    Our top geolocation vendors ensure players are within the lottery’s boundaries when making purchases.

    Player Limits
    Lotteries configure limits for wagering, fund deposits, and time of play. Their players can set personal limits and self-exclude.

    IGT's Certifications

    • World Lottery Association (WLA) Responsible Gaming Certification
    • G4 – Global Gambling Guidance Group Gaming Portal (Third-Party Audit Certification)

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