Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

Our sports betting offering is flexible. While some customers appreciate the simplicity and convenience of our turnkey solutions, others prefer to order "a la carte," and we are happy to serve either request, because we don't believe there is a "one size fits all" solution to such a complex, ever-changing industry.

The IGT PlaySports platform is at the pinnacle of our sports betting offering. It is the market-leading retail offer in the United States. We offer a variety of retail and mobile products that utlize this enterprise-class technology, which IGT is known for. Our turnkey solutions also feature trading advisory services, as well as marketing support and access to the IGT Sports Betting Academy.

Mobile & Online

In jurisdictions where mobile sports betting is regulated, IGT PlaySports provides robust online and mobile solutions, with all the speed and capability of the retail offering. Using our sports betting app, you can expand your gaming brand and revenue capability throughout the state. But the user-driven interface does more than give patrons access to live odds and betting menus. Our mobile offering is complete with promotional capabilities, which means the sports betting app can be used strategically to draw players back to the gaming floor.

PlaySports Pad

PlaySports Pad

Ths clever, tablet-based innovation enables operators to extend sports betting to any corner of their casino property. Sportsbooks can simply tether a PlaySports Pad to a range of surfaces such as a bar or tabletop to bring sports betting directly to the player. Through QR-reader technology, wagers made via the PlaySports Pad are instantly processed through the PlaySports platform, extending world-class sports wagering to areas of a casino-resort that may have otherwise not been positioned to offer gaming, and providing a new way to get the inside edge for casinos that have limited gaming space.


PlaySports QuickBet Kiosk

It's no surprise that we've deployed over 700 sports betting kiosks in the U.S., as they serve as an ideal solution for many gaming situations. Not enough floorspace for a full-service retail desk? A kiosk is great option, as it takes up no more space than an ATM and has the ability to pull in a lot more revenue. Larger properties can benefit, too, as these kiosks can spread sports betting capabilities throughout an expansive gaming floor.

Strategically placed sports betting kiosks can also help prevent patrons from clustering in one area, which is crititcal when social distancing guidelines are in effect.

Sleek, modern, and tall, the QuickBet Kiosk from IGT PlaySports stands above the crowd, attracting sports fans to place their wagers on this self-service sports betting terminal.

As an added feature, our cashless solutions are perfect for the digital expectations of today's sports bettor. Patrons and operators alike enjoy the simplicity of the QuickBet kiosks, which easily integrates with other systems, creating a seamless experience in operations and analytics.



With a perfect mix of classic feel and modern design, the PeakBarTop™ is the most compelling presence on any bar. Offering a 23" curved display, a robust library of games, and unbeatable reliability and serviceability, and now featuring sports betting - this cabinet takes the bartop experience to a whole new level.

PlaySports CrystalFlex®

The IGT CrystalFlex™ is the perfect pairing of comfort and versatility. Enhancing the design of the award-winning Crystal Betting Terminal (CBT), CrystalFlex now offers popular Game King X® content, including poker, slots, and keno, all on the same cabinet. CrystalFlex allows a patron to create their own adaptive gaming space with personal wagering capabilities. Bet with ease, all from a single seat.