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The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned 1992's Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), and the doors are finally open for Sports Betting in the United States.

New and varied revenue opportunities await anyone who’s ready to move forward, and IGT is stepping up to help customers around the world determine the best options for them.

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12 billion reasons to choose IGT as your sports betting partner.

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Sports Betting can:

  • Drive incremental revenue.
  • Generate on-property excitement.
  • Create new marketing opportunities.
  • Build a bridge to on-premises gaming.
  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Grow repeat visitation.
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What does IGT offer?

Last year, IGT processed over $12 billion of sports bets worldwide, making us one of the most relied-upon names in the betting industry.

IGT operates throughout the mature international sports betting markets, but we're also approved and running successful sports betting operations in the U.S.

We've built our system from the ground up to cater to different jurisdictions and regulations, so when state-by-­state rules are implemented, our partners can be first off the starting blocks.

Solutions for every channel

IGT offers truly multi-channel and flexible products. With a wide range of modular solutions for both retail and online, we’ll help you to offer exactly the type of betting that’s right for your business.

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Feature Custom Solution Dedicated Platform Managed Sports Licensed & Leased Space
Customer Experience You Control You Control You Control Licensor Controls
Platform Design Customized to Your Brand/Needs Customized to Your Brand/Needs Customized to Your Brand/Needs Licensor Brand
Customer Data, Marketing & Relationship You Control You Control You Control Owned by Licensor
Full Integration with CMS & Financial Reporting Yes Yes Yes Limited, if Any
Access to Information 100% Access 100% Access 100% Access Minimal, if Any
Choose Bets to Offer Yours Exclusively Your Team Your Team Licensor Controls
Trading & Risk Management Your Team Your Team Your Team with Support from Sports Betting Experts Licensor Managed
Technology Yours Exclusively Vendor Provided Vendor Provided Licensor Controls

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