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Serious about Sports Betting

IGT PlaySports marks IGT’s position as the U.S. market leader for flexible B2B sports betting platform technology, high-performance hardware options and turnkey business solutions. We support commercial gaming operators, tribal casinos and lotteries alike. For more than ten years, IGT has been providing sports betting solutions in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, including customers such as LNB (Belgium), OPAP (Greece), and Lottomatica (Italy). In addition, IGT platforms have processed more than 1.9 billion wagers to date.

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Solutions for every channel

IGT offers truly multi-channel and flexible products. With a wide range of modular solutions for both retail and online, we’ll help you to offer exactly the type of betting that’s right for your business.

Introducing Serious Innovation:

IGT PlaySports Bank and Pod

  • A sportsbook in a box
  • Small footprint compared to a Vegas-style sportsbook
  • Can be placed anywhere on the casino floor
  • Can display lines and actual games above the kiosks
  • Cost-effective for smaller casinos

The fastest way to add Sports Betting to your property!

Sports Betting Platform with Adaptable Package Options

  • Market-leading retail offer
  • Flexible on-floor solutions
  • Turnkey managed sports betting
  • Enterprise class technology
  • State-wide mobile and desktop
  • Local service team support

Robust, Innovative Technology

  • 400+ IGT PlaySports Kiosks installed
  • Self-service kiosks accept cash bets and expand sports betting access to increase wagers taken and reduce lines
  • Consumer-tested mobile and desktop, statewide or property-specific
  • IGT PlaySports Pad cash / anonymous betting

Flexible to Market Requirements

Adapting to any operational scenario is important for achieving successful outcomes. In Italy, we have successfully combined retail distribution, through independent retailers and dedicated stores, with mobile and online play. This is a crucial consideration for the U.S. market, where each state will have its own distribution approach.

In the U.S., IGT PlaySports is live in 16 states. We provide world-class trading, book management, operations and marketing, ensuring fast, successful startups for our partners and continued growth for their sports betting operations.



  • The Most-Used B2B Platform in the U.S.
  • Built for U.S. Sports Markets
  • Live in 16 States / 40+ Locations
  • More Than One Billion Wagers Processed To Date
  • A Bet Processed Every 0.5 Seconds
  • Retail, Self-Service, Mobile
IGT PlaySports Player-Driven Performance Map

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