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Players know their favorite games. Whether it's the big-money jackpot opportunity, a classic, or something they've never seen before, IGT can help you make sure that players find their favorite type of gameplay, so you can enhance your game banking strategy. With the all-new game segmentation iconography from IGT, every new core game is categorized into distinct segments based on game play features, facilitating floor placement of games.

Our commitment to a deep library of games in each segment allows you to add new themes from your most successful segments, and build targeted banks that your players will flock to in search of their desired experience. When you can give your players exactly what they want, everyone wins.

Core - Spinning Reel

Core - Video Reel

Jackpot Games

Games that include progressives or prominently displayed prizes that serve as a call to action for players.

All-Star Evolutions

Proven brands or functionalities that have been tweaked or evolved to offer a different take on the original.

Waterfall Games

Games that offer the player something to collect or progress towards. Goal-oriented games that offer a reason to play and a reason to stay.

Innovation Games

Titles that offer a fresh, new-to-the market feature, functionality or form factor, offering the player a new experience.

Play Up Games

Predominantly spinning-reel games that offer interactive top box features and bonuses.

Pure Core Games

New and recognizable brands and game functionality.

Fruit Games

Simple, classic fruit games for players who enjoy fewer paylines and higher stakes.

Linked Core

Games that bring the player-excitement of linked
Multi-Level Progressives to the for-sale space.