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Commercial operators, tribal casinos, and lotteries large and small rely on IGT PlaySports in 21 U.S. states with regulated sports betting. From world-class trading and book management to operations, marketing, and training, we can help you get in the game now with the solutions more U.S. operators choose to power growth.

From world-class trading and book management to operations, marketing, and training, we can help you get in the game now with the solutions more U.S. operators choose to power growth.

Built to Deliver Player Excitement

  • The Most-Adopted B2B Sports Betting Platform in the U.S.
  • Designed for U.S. Sports Markets
  • 50+ Locations with partnerships in 18 States
  • Over $6 Billion+ sports wagers processed in 2020
  • Self Service Retail and Turnkey Key Solutions

How We Work with You

Fast time-to-market. Best-in-class sportsbooks. Adaptable to any operational model. We’re here to help you win.

The IGT PlaySports end-to-end solution is optimized for the U.S. market and offers maximum flexibility, from platform-only to full turnkey services. We provide the choices and support that have empowered operators to market leadership positions across the country.

How we work with you

Solutions & Services


Sports Betting Platform with Adaptable Package Options

  • Market-leading retail offer
  • Flexible on-floor solutions
  • Turnkey managed sports betting
  • Enterprise class technology
  • Statewide mobile and desktop
  • Local service team support
  • U.S.-based trading team

Robust, Innovative Technology

  • 450+ IGT PlaySports kiosks installed
  • Self-service kiosks accept cash bets and enhance sports betting convenience
  • Consumer-tested mobile and desktop, statewide or property-specific
  • IGT PlaySports Pad cash / anonymous betting

The PlaySports Advantage:

  • Fast time-to-market
  • Worry-free sportsbook management
  • Completely custom sports betting technical solutions and trading strategies
  • Simplified roll-out processes
  • Comprehensive training and support provided remotely or in person, both before and after launch
  • Professional sports betting guidance led by a team of industry experts with a record of success
  • Extensive online curriculum to provide continual training to all stakeholders

Meeting Your Market Requirements

In this business, agility is essential. IGT understands the specific demands of each operational scenario in the complex U.S. market. We have decades of trusted experience delivering the quality and excitement players want while meeting the requirements of local gaming commissions.

We help operators determine which strategies to employ to offer exactly the type of betting that’s right for their business and their players. Our experienced team has helped operators achieve great success combining the retail side of distribution with mobile and online offerings in states that permit all three.

The IGT PlaySports Trading Team

A one-stop shop for every operator’s sports betting needs.

The IGT PlaySports Trading Team will create lines that represent your customer base and manage risk accordingly. You can customize the data you receive or defer to our industry experts to build the ideal sports betting package for your players. Either way, IGT PlaySports has you covered.

Our Content Managers will collaborate with operators’ teams to create content and graphics, such as Kiosk promotional graphics and sporting information, to attract and engage customers and boost sales.

Our team of experts works directly with operators, tailoring services to fit national, regional, and local sports markets. Our products are compatible with all available sports betting feeds, including official feeds from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and more.

James Plataniotis Senior Trader

Born and Raised in Upstate NY. UNLV Hotel Administration Grad. Sports Betting Industry career nearing 5 years. Tortured Browns and Knicks fan.


Kenny Paul Trader

Kenny moved to Las Vegas to start his career in the gaming industry in 2017. He is an avid Hockey and Basketball fan.


Chad Bouchard Trader

A lifelong Boston sports fan, Chad has been in the sports betting industry going on 3 years. His favorite sports are Baseball & Hockey.


Whitney D. Clark Jr. Sports Trader

Whitney is a very ambitious, committed, sincere, creative, thorough, honest, determined & attentive person who is zealous about her career.


Thilina Daswatta Jr. Sports Trader

Passionate about sports. Striving to live life with the Mamba Mentality. Die-hard fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and Vegas Golden Knights.


Anthony Nowalany Jr Sports Trader

Anthony has a big passion for sports from a betting and playing perspective. Golf and bowling are currently his main interests with over 20 perfect games in bowling and 4 hole I ones in golf!


Jason Arceo Content Manager

Content Manager that utilizes a deep understanding of sportsbook operations and marketing concepts to create and deliver engaging content.


  • Comprehensive in-person and remote pre- and post-launch training
  • Extensive online curriculum to provide continual training to all stakeholders
  • On-the-fly course review via tablet or phone
  • Full-time training staff on hand
Certified Sportsboook

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Get in the game now with IGT PlaySports solutions and services. To learn more:


IGT PlaySports Self-Service Kiosk

IGT PlaySports Self-Service Kiosk

Simple design and intuitive for patrons

With the largest install base of any sports betting kiosk in the US market, our self-service unit deploys a streamlined interface, customized for quick navigation and bet placements. Operators can expedite wait times by allowing patrons to directly place their own wagers. Kiosks can be placed anywhere on the casino floor and integrates with other systems for a seamless experience.

IGT PlaySports Self-Service Kiosk
IGT PlaySports Self-Service Kiosk
IGT PlaySports CrystalBetting™ Terminal

IGT PlaySports CrystalBetting™ Terminal

An unrivaled V.I.P. experience with in-play, real-time sports betting

The CrystalBetting™ Terminal redefines the traditional sportsbook experience, bringing sports betting to life in a new way by creating an inclusive, personalized environment. Your top players will love watching live sports integrated with in-play wagering, keeping them actively engaged in the betting action!

CrystalBetting™ Terminal
CrystalBetting™ Terminal
CrystalBetting™ Terminal
IGT PlaySports Pad

IGT PlaySports Pad

Flexible Cash Betting

With its smaller footprint, the PlaySports Pad allows operators to extend cash-based betting action onto dedicated mobile devices. Like our self-service kiosks, this lower-cost option allows additional flexibility for implementation and service on your casino floor.

IGT PlaySports Retail Management

IGT PlaySports Retail Management

Retail solutions designed specifically for US sportsbook operators

PlaySports retail management solutions serve as an easy-to-use platform allowing key stakeholders the ability to configure and manage supporting applications. Our integrated features coupled with system stability and performance are quintessential components in running a successful sportsbook operation.

IGT PlaySports Mobile & Online

IGT PlaySports Mobile & Online

Highly customizable with expansive options

PlaySports’ mobile and online solutions empower patrons with the flexibility to place betting wagers on the go. With a user-driven interface, patrons gain access to live odds and property promotions to get them into the action!

*Jurisdictional approval required for online wagering