Cobalt™ 23

Find your element.

Expertly crafted, the Cobalt™ 23 Gaming Machine is a shining example of IGT’s commitment to thoughtful design that enhances the player experience. Outfitted with two high-definition 23” screens, a familiar static button panel, and integrated cabinet lighting, this cabinet is designed to fit your unique needs and forge new opportunities for your floor.

  • Built to be easily serviceable and durable to reduce strain on staff resources and minimize downtime
  • Ergonomic design with modern comfort features and conveniences to attract players and maximize time on device
  • Offers traditional upright advantages of increased visibility with a reduced floor footprint
  • Provides an enhanced yet familiar player experience with improved monitor resolution, intelligent cabinet lighting, and elevated celebrations that keep players engaged

Player Experience

Static Button Panel

  • Market proven
  • Large panel with increased wrist support
  • Traditional IGT video poker button spacing and feel

Improved Monitors

  • Large 23” full HD LCD displays
  • Multi-touch screen on main display

Intelligent Cabinet Lighting

  • Built with the same tools as the S3000® and Crystal Series cabinets
  • Sync lights to game experience
  • Banked lighting with no additional hardware for basic functionality

Game Library

  • Supports a dedicated Ascent® video poker content stream


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