DiamondRS™ 5-Reel Gaming Machine

DiamondRS™ 5-Reel Gaming Machine

First-class sparkle.

The new DiamondRS™ 5-Reel mechanical spinning-reel gaming machine brings the same elevated, classic play experience and research-driven design of the original DiamondRS™ to a five reel format. Honoring IGT’s iconic history while going bigger and bolder, this cabinet delivers appealing retro styling, modern features, exciting player mechanics, and a large content support package featuring top-performing, classic games and exciting new themes. Steeped in market-focused research and fueled by passion and collaboration, the DiamondRS™ 5-Reel gaming machine is the latest stellar addition to the best stepper cabinet family in the industry.

Benefits and Features

  • Displays
    • Bold 32” Square Ultra High Definition LCD top box display
    • 23” Full High Definition main monitor with multi-touch screen capabilities
    • IGT Diamond Glass™ - 5 mechanical reels with transmissive reel overlay
  • Dynamic Player Panel (DPP) with Inductive Wireless Phone Charger
    • 10.1” LCD player panel is easier to read and more user friendly
    • Standard inductive wireless charger and USB charging port
    • Physical repeat bet button (bash button) that fits nicely in the player’s hand
    • Ergonomic and durable button deck design
  • Intelligent Lighting
    • Side panel lighting for game celebration and player attract
  • Content
    • Substantial game library consisting of iconic and exciting new themes
    • Multi-game compatible

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