Core Video Slots

Core Video Slots

Take your game floor to new heights with IGT’s huge library of top-performing, game-changing video slot titles that will immerse your players in a world of endless possibilities. These player-favourite themes are available on IGT’s latest hardware and include attractive game play, innovative bonus features and state-of-the-art graphics, making these titles a sure bet to differentiate your floor. 

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Samurai 888™ Video Slots

Core Video Portrait Screen

USwitch™ Multi-Game

Core Video Duel Screen

Neon Treasures™ Mystery Progressives​

Core Video Mystery Progressives

Top Performers

Samurai 888™ Video Slots

Core Video Portrait Screen

Prosperity Pearl ™ Video Slots

Core Video Portrait Screen

Regal Riches™ Video Slots ​

Core Video Duel Screen

Fortune Owl™ Video Slots ​

Core Video Dual Screen

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The PeakSlant49™ cabinet brings games to life and delivers an immersive player experience through a progressive 49-inch Ultra High Definition display that improves the viewing angle, and a large 13.3-inch Dynamic Player Panel.

Samurai 888™ Video Slots

Samurai 888™ Katsumi Video Slots will stimulate players with an exciting variety of fun gameplay opportunities. Three frequent special features keep players anticipating the next big win and combine a Super feature or a thrilling Mega feature!

Prosperity Pearl ™ Video Slots

Prosperity Pearl™ combines the player favorite Progressive Wild Free Games with guaranteed wilds, making for an exciting base game experience. The highly visible Progressive Wild Free Games meters continue to drive player anticipation and engagement throughout game play. 

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A captivating player experience is brought to life with the PeakSlant32™ and PeakDual™27 cabinets. Featuring three seamlessly integrated displays and a more refined 13.3-inch Dynamic Player Panel, these cabinets are designed with versatility in mind and will take your floor to new heights.

Regal Riches™ Video Slots

Continuing the success of the Progressive Free Games Feature, this theme offers an exciting new twist featuring progressive wilds and introduces the new Guaranteed Wilds Feature.

Fortune Owl™ Video Slots 

Based on the successful player-favorite game Wolf Run Eclipse™ Video Slots, Fortune Owl™ Video Slots brings similar gameplay to a dual screen format. With three different Progressive Free Games Bonuses and a wheel bonus, this action-packed new theme keeps players engaged and excited, looking for the next big win at every turn!

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Choose from a deep library of CORE themes and stunning visuals thanks to our intuitive game selector and player interface. Our best-in-class portrait and dual screens hardware ensures optimal performance.

Indulge in variety and flexibility with specialized multi-game editions, featuring fruit games, bonus games, and more.

Give your players exactly what they're looking for. Make the switch to USwitch™ Multi-Game today.


Bring more fun to your players by adding IGT’s exciting Mystery Progressives to your floor.

Neon Treasures™ Mystery Progressives

Neon Treasures™ Mystery Progressives is an innovative addition that seamlessly integrates with IGT’s standard CORE game library, offering up to four customizable jackpot levels. Immerse your players in the thrill of winning with animated theme music echoing throughout the entire venue during jackpot triumphs!