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The core system that enables innovation

IGT’s core lottery system, Aurora, is a suite of open and agile components designed to drive lottery innovation and profitability. Aurora replaces the Enterprise Series (ES) lottery system and may be used to convert an existing ES system gradually.

Aurora delivers these key benefits:

  • Omnichannel capability, providing a seamless player experience across all channels
  • An open system to enable integration with best-in-class third-party solutions and services
  • Quick-to-market delivery of games and new functionality
  • System reliability, integrity, performance, and security
  • User-friendly GUI design to improve productiveness


Aurora Navigator

The administration portal and application-management hub. It provides a single place to view, manage, and administer all lottery applications and back-office functions to help lotteries manage their business and maximize profitability.

TouchPoint Manager (TPM)

Our Terminal Access Gateway has evolved from ES Connect, providing our terminal and network management solution with improved architecture and more powerful capabilities. TPM allows remote peripheral diagnostics, detailed asset data collection, and proactive troubleshooting across the network.

Data Connector

IGT’s data integration product, manages and reduces the complexity and cost of integrations by creating a publish / subscribe message broker for data exchange in near-real time. Data Connector relies upon our Common Data Model (CDM) to provide a standardized data format for representing information in the system.

Aurora Accounting

Our Retailer Invoicing and Reconciliation application integrates easily with external systems to provide a single system of record and a consolidated invoice to the retailer.

Aurora Anywhere

IGT’s Application Programming Interface (API) gateway providing the open interfaces for external applications to connect to the lottery system, including security to prevent unwanted access.

Aurora Transaction Engine (ARTE)

Provides the core data processing layer of the Aurora solution. ARTE is designed for speed, high reliability, and ironclad security, while being highly configurable.


Retailer Wizard

Providing the tools retailers need to manage lottery

Retailer Wizard is an interactive, lottery-branded retailer website that provides all the tools and location-specific data retailers need to manage and grow their lottery business.

  • Drives specific actions necessary to grow sales
  • Simplifies management of the lottery category
  • Alerts notify retailers of potential revenue-draining situations and allow them to take immediate, corrective action
  • Strengthens two-way communication between a lottery and retailers
IGT Lottery BizApps Retailer Wizard
IGT Lottery Sales Wizard

Sales Wizard

Lottery-specific sales force automation tool

The leading lottery-specific sales force automation tool, Sales Wizard is a mobile app and website that arms sales teams with the timely, relevant information they need – such as data, reports, and insights – to make each retail visit count and help grow lottery sales. It features:

Focused, actionable insights

Sales representatives can strategically plan each retail visit, proactively addressing opportunities and challenges with lottery.

Both macro and micro views of the retail environment

Sales reps have easy access to sales data and product inventory, while management can look at that data cumulatively, across the network to understand trends and optimize as needed.

Timely data and on-the-go mobile/tablet device environment

This reduces the need for paperwork and administrative tasks (including frequency of calls to headquarters for information), reducing office time and increasing the time reps have in the field, servicing their accounts.

Order Wizard

Instant-ticket ordering system to drive sales growth

Order Wizard is a proactive, predictive ordering tool that ensures the best-selling games are at the retailer in sufficient quantities to avoid out-of-stock situations.

  • Increases sales while minimizing returns by applying predictive ordering profiles and proactively monitoring inventory levels
  • Optimizes instant-game mix and drives planogram compliance
  • Maximizes new-game launch results by referencing past launch histories
IGT Lottery Order Wizard
Learning Wizard

Learning Wizard

Interactive retailer training tool

Learning Wizard is a web-based interactive training tool that provides a flexible, convenient means for retailers to train their staff on everything they need to know for selling lottery.

Easy to access

Self-paced training is available anytime, anywhere—retailers just need internet access, a multimedia-ready computer, and a password.

Lottery branded and customizable

Training is developed in collaboration with each lottery to meet its specific needs.

Tracked and reportable

Scenario-based training activity engages learners with knowledge checks throughout, and all training activity is tracked and reportable.

Corporate-account advantage

Training is designed to accommodate the unique and often complex needs of key accounts, allowing employees to conveniently receive all lottery-related training in one consolidated location.

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