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Digital Platform

Powering Digital Performance​

Digital Platform is the complete digital solution for all player-centric functions and game enablement. Its modules each serve a key function for operator staff across all levels to manage and grow an iLottery program. With a real-time 360-degree player view, operators can make informed decisions and react quickly as needed.


360 Degree Player View

Have a complete iLottery history of all transactions including game play, financial activity, player lifecycle actions, marketing communications and bonusing, and customer service issues and resolutions to manage your business effectively.

Easy to use

Intuitive user interface and navigation allow all levels of operator staff the ability to administer, manage and track a successful iLottery program.

Extensive bonusing capabilities

Personalize bonus rewards based on player preferences and over 90 player behavioral parameters.

Key Features

  • Power to integrate and configure game lobbies
  • Central player management
  • User-friendly back-office tool
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Cohesive customer support
  • Full suite of responsible gaming tools
  • Over 90 parameters to set up bonus campaigns

Responsible Gaming

IGT and lotteries around the world are promoting healthy, moderate and responsible gaming. All financial limits are designed such that the player is not permitted to exceed the set limit. The platform supports setting of global maximum and global default limits, which apply to all players. IGT Command includes a full suite of responsible gaming tools to set up the following:​

  • General and individual wager limits
  • Loss limits
  • Deposit limits
  • Self-exclusion

Responsible gaming limits can also be set at individual Player level which can further be edited to adjust to the individual’s needs; however, individual set limits cannot exceed the global maximum values and include the following:​

  • Wagering limits are set by amount and timeframe (day, week or month)
  • Loss limits restrict losses during a specific timeframe
  • Deposit limits how much is deposited by timeframe or transaction
  • Session time limits enforce responsible play by restricting game sessions to a certain number of minutes
  • Reality check informs players of their time and wagers spent and win losses during that period
  • Self-exclusion allows players to opt to exclude themselves from all gaming activities for an amount of time
  • Cool off periods are activated when a player tries to raise a set limit
  • Wagering history provides players with their full history including games purchased and wins
  • Individual Game Bans or complete game platform game bans
  • Loyalty Limits as well to control players earn and spend habits for their awarded points
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