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Retailer Select™ Lottery Terminal


Created with a compact footprint, the Retailer Select™ Terminal provides a space-saving solution for retailers. The terminal can be configured with and without an integrated playslip reader making it a highly flexible option to meet different retailer needs. The terminal features a fan-less design and external power supply to improve reliability, lower the total cost of ownership, and reduce downtime.

The Pinnacle of Configurability

With an optional modular playslip reader and several peripheral options, the Retailer Select™ Terminal allows for numerous combinations of equipment to meet a wide range of retailer configurations.

Small Footprint = More Space

Features a highly compact footprint and a tablet-like display that affords retailers more counter space.

Efficient and Reliable

A fanless design and a singular external power supply makes serviceability simple, ensuring maximum uptime and allowing retailers to sell with minimal disruptions.

Retailer Vue

For Lotteries

For Lotteries
  • The Retailer Select™ Terminal includes an option for a modular playslip reader and several peripheral options. Simply select the peripherals you need for your retailer environments.
  • Lower cost of ownership is supported by the fanless design, reducing potential downtime and ensuring the sale of tickets with minimal disruption.

For Retailers

For Retailers
Compact Design
  • The small footprint and singular external power supply make this a perfect solution for retail locations where counter space is at a premium.
Ease of Use
  • Large buttons and interactive menus are highlights of an intuitive and easy-to-use clerk interface.

For Players

For Players
Peripheral Interaction
  • Player-facing barcode and NFC readers are optional peripherals that can enable new contactless and digital in-store player experiences.
Player Communications
  • Designed to expedite the purchasing environment, the Retailer Select™ Terminal can manage external player-facing customer display for rich communications and player messaging.