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Infinity Instants™: Unprecedented Printing & Design

Infinity Instants™ is a revolutionary digital instant ticket printing platform that provides unprecedented flexibility in the design, production, and marketing of instant games. Infinity Instants™ is more than new printing technology; it represents the infinite potential of what an Instants game can become.

Full-color, Digital Printing

Infinity Instants™ technology utilizes state-of-the-art digital printing equipment to produce instant tickets with design features that cannot be created with existing technologies. Display graphics, game symbols, and the ticket back can now be generated in high-resolution full color with much higher scene variability than with traditional flexographic print technologies.

Infinite Design Possibilities

The Infinity Instants™ platform opens up an infinite range of possibilities for game design - from stunning graphics to new playstyles that promotes entertainment and engagement from all player segments and demographics.

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Breathtaking Design

Breathtaking Design

Instant games can be produced at up to 1,585 DPI for overprint graphics, prize symbols, and uncovered play areas. This level of detail creates vibrant, never before possible game designs on both the front and back of the ticket. The digital production process also allows for every ticket within a run to have a unique scene.
New Play Styles

New Play Styles

Infinity Instants™ printing can create full color variable images and distinguishing marks underneath the scratch area, to create new play styles and enhance existing playstyles with new value propositions.
Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

The versatility and efficiency of the Infinity Instants™ production process creates myriad new marketing opportunities. Games can be produced for specific retailers, or to coincide with specific events thanks to a quick turnaround from order to delivery.


For Lottery

For Lotteries

  • Engage players in new ways with unique and flexible designs and patterns
  • Drive sales through games with new playstyles and incredibly detailed graphics
  • Establish new game categories to target specific areas of new and existing player growth
For Players

For Players

  • New playstyles and detailed artwork keep players engaged and drive future purchases
  • Unlimited variability in scenes makes every play experience feel unique
For Retailers

For Retailers

  • Create unique promotional opportunities for individual retail chains
  • Retail facings can be displayed in new and eye-catching ways, and can be changed more frequently

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