Lottery and the Metaverse: An IGT Special Report

Lottery and the Metaverse: An IGT Special Report

Posted September 01, 2021 by IGT in Consumer Trends

With most people spending more time in their homes over the past year, home spaces have become more multi-use than ever intended, leading to increased forms of virtual interaction. And these virtual experiences are likely to increase – 56% expect to be visiting remote locations virtually by 2025.* The phenomenon of people connecting with one another and with information and data in a collective virtual space has come to be known as entering the “Metaverse.”

The latest IGT Special Report, “Lottery and the Metaverse,” gives an overview of how this concept intersects with lottery. The report draws on data from research partner Foresight Factory to propose new ways for lotteries to engage consumers with access and content.

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Foresight Factory has been closely monitoring consumer behavior worldwide pre- and post-pandemic, analyzing shifts in how we live our lives and interact in society, highlighting the key trends that emerge.

This special report follows IGT’s earlier Top 5 Trends in Lottery: 2021 report, which paired industry expertise with global data to outline key consumer behavior trends that will impact lotteries in 2021 and beyond.

IGT is committed to supporting lotteries worldwide by delivering responsible, entertaining gaming experiences. Stay tuned for more Future Forward - themed content later in the year, focusing on the latest consumer trend information and what it means for lotteries, their players, and beneficiaries.

* Source: “Experience 2030: The Future of Customer Experience is... Now!”, SAS

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