Cash Pops Cross Channel Advantages

Cash Pop’s Cross-Channel Advantages

Posted April 18, 2022 by IGT in Innovation

Cash Pop™ continues to challenge current draw game stereotypes and attract new fans with its easy-to-understand, strategic gameplay that can be played seamlessly across retail and digital channels. With five new states launching the award-winning draw game by mid-2022, Cash Pop and its players have made a compelling argument for lotteries to consider adding the game to their portfolios.

Cash Pop Launches

Since the launch of Cash Pop in 2019, its success can be attributed to players excitement around rich gameplay features, but we also believe a big advantage for players and lotteries, is the option for players to play at retail or digitally – made easy with IGT’s APIs. 

“Running these games across retail and digital channels via the use of IGT’s APIs is exciting because it enables players to experience the games consistently and allows the lottery to upgrade game mechanics, such as prize table modifications and draw day changes, faster and more consistently -- program the game one time and make available in any channel,” said Sarah Walker, IGT Senior Director Draw-Based Game Portfolio Optimization. “If we make a game change or run a promotion, it can be done simultaneously because it is made available via our APIs across the platforms.”

Offering an omnichannel experience allows for players to enjoy Cash Pop whenever and wherever they want, with the same strategic game play options they love. Plus, digital transactions offer additional benefits, including security and ease of use, while eliminating worry about a lost ticket. 

As more and more lotteries add the game to their retail and digital portfolios, we’ll be sure to bring you the latest trends and successes. To learn more about Cash Pop, click here to read our article in La Fleur’s Magazine.

Cash Pop

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