Re-Inventing and Revitalizing Instant Tickets Like Never Before

Re-Inventing and Revitalizing Instant Tickets Like Never Before

Posted June 01, 2022 by Samantha Oles in Innovation

Officially announced in April 2022 with multiple launches to date, we are just beginning to see the impact that Infinity Instants™ patented digital printing technologies will have on instant games in the future. 

Infinite Innovation:

The innovation behind the Infinity Instants™ platform transforms virtually every element of an instant ticket - from stunning high-definition color and clarity of symbols and graphics on the front and back of a ticket, to unlimited scene variety, bringing an infinite amount of design options to instant games. This revolutionary technology not only expands the design possibilities, but also creates opportunities for entirely new play mechanics.  This greatly expands the range of possibilities for attracting and retaining players across all player segments. 

“The technology opens a new world of opportunity for designers and lottery product managers to create game mechanics and customized graphics as never before possible.,” said Keith Cash,
IGT Vice President Global Instant Ticket Services. “Infinity goes well beyond the simple notion of high-definition, black printing by bringing vibrant color, scene variety, and ticket-level customization to the instant product. True to its name, the possibilities are infinite.” 

Infinity Instants Joker's Wild split view

The difference between the Infinity Instants™ digital printing platform and traditional printing:

  • Enhances graphics for players, with the ability to include unlimited scene variety within a single pack
  • Enables more innovative play styles and game mechanics 
  • Provides for more color on the front and back of a ticket
  • Supports customize even smaller print runs – for example, for specific events or retailer chains
  • Features highly distinguishable, vibrant play symbols clearly convey the results of the game and are tied more effectively into the overall theme
  • Complies with all industry standard quality and security requirements
  • Eliminates the need for symbol captions which take up valuable ticket space

Infinity Instants Key Benefits

Just Scratching the Surface:

Initial results from the four lotteries piloting Infinity Instants™ games highlight the unlimited possibilities not only for game design, but also for introducing them into the market. A lottery can market an Infinity Instants™ game as a fun innovation on a new price point, on a family of games, on a classic playstyle such as a key number or symbol match, with any newly developed play mechanics, and more. Infinity Instants™ games are sure to usher in a new era of how players and lotteries view and experience scratch tickets.

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